10 Dressing up Ideas For The Holi Party (+ Effective Easy Skincare Tips You Can Follow!)

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Holi is not just the festival of colors, but also the official commencement of summers. You’re finally getting a break from the heavy winter outfits and can wear something light and easy-breezy all over again! While a lot of people prefer wearing an old outfit from their closet for Holi, some choose to step out in something new. Keeping in mind the crazy colorful celebrations you’ll be having (no matter how you chose to dress up), there is a slim chance that your outfit won’t be drenched in colors by the end of the day. But, there’s no need to worry since we are here to help you with some essential skincare steps to follow, along with a list of 10 dressing ideas for your Holi party. Hop on.

1 Tie & Dye: (White Gotta Pati Anarkali Set for INR 3900)

Tie Dye!

Tie dye

Once a staple wardrobe for hippies and ravers, tie & dye has become a major fashion trend these days. A tie-dyed outfit is perfect for Holi because it’s colorful and resembles the ethos of the festival itself. This green lehenga choli set is easy, breezy, and packs in the right amount of festive drama, making it the perfect outfit for you to wear at the party.

2. Saree with a Printed Blouse:

Alia Bhatt

A simple white saree can be very impactful, even more so when you team it up with a printed blouse. This kind of ensemble is a blend of minimal and vibrant, which makes it ideal to be worn at any Holi party.

3. Colorful Jewellery:


Yes, you’re going to be soaked in colors and it’s only wise to choose something plain to wear for Holi. But, there are other ways of making the look exciting. This colorful Kundan set is going to add the element of surprise to your  outfit in addition to making heads turn as you step into the party.

4 Capes and Kaftans:


If you want to keep the look simple and stylish at the same time, kaftans and capes are just the right choices. You may keep the color and material simple as the silhouette will be doing all the talking. We have chosen this white kaftan with a dhoti that can be paired with a tube top underneath; just to make sure that the outfit doesn’t turn transparent once you’re wet.

5 Coachella-inspired Pants:

Jhanvi Kapoor

One of the major advantages of wearing a bifurcated garment is comfort. You’re probably going to go crazy playing with colors and we don’t want you to be restricted by your outfit. A pair of pants will ensure free movement and allow you to release the inner child without a second thought!

6 Long Boho Skirt:


If you are looking for a feminine and trendy attire, this is the right ensemble for you. The multi-colored skirt comes with a solid white top and is a different take on the traditional white kameez with colorful dupatta. You can pair the outfit with sunglasses of your choice and finish off the look with some metallic jewellery.

7 White Kameez with Dupatta for INR 3650:

white kurta

Sunny Leone

White is not only an auspicious shade but, it also acts as a blank canvas for all the colors coming your way. A solid white salwar kameez paired with a vibrant, colorful dupatta is a Holi staple that would never go out of style. Though the look has been done many times before, but it has never gone out of fashion even once. You can always find new ways of experimenting with your makeup and accessories to set yourself apart from the crowd.


8 Something Organic:

salwar suit

Dusty pink is another color you can try if you are opting for a solid look this Holi. We suggest you go for this cotton pink kurta set with gota-patti details. The outfit has a very organic appeal besides being extremely breathable. The slit at front elongates your figure by lengthening your legs, while the flare around the hips highlights your curves. The look can be paired with nude heels and statement earrings, keeping the outfit simple and classy.

9 Shrug:


Holi is the festival of colors and everyone wants to look their brightest on this day. But, we also understand the need to choose an old outfit to play Holi in, because it will be drenched in colors by day end. However, we have just the thing to sparkle up your outfit. This bandhani shrug is a super fun way of elevating your look and comes in a variety of color combinations.

10 Caps and Bandanas:

Salwar set

Introducing caps, scarves or bandanas in your Holi ensemble is a clever way of protecting your hair. You can get a bandana that matches your outfit, or even something totally contrasting depending on the statement you want to make with your look.

MUST HAVE: White Mirror Work Belt with Pichkari for INR 499


Isn’t this a totally cool product? Enjoy this festive season with this attractive pichkari which comes along with a beautiful white belt enhanced with mirror work

Now that we have given you enough ideas to get started with, you’re going to find it easier to dress up for the Holi party. However, there’s one important aspect still left to discuss. Your clothes can be mended if they get spoiled, but you can’t do that with your skin. Artificial colors can be harmful for you and it is best to not let them get seep into the skin. Therefore we have come up with some tried and tested essential tips to be followed pre and post Holi celebrations to ensure your skin is protected and well-nourished.

1 Ice Cubes:

ice cubes

Rubbing ice cubes for about ten minutes on your face closes the pores thereby preventing colors from penetrating in. Make sure to follow this step before going out to play Holi if you want to prevent nasty outbursts on your skin.

2. Body oil:

olive oil

Once the pores are closed, applying oil on your skin gives it extra protection as it acts as a shield against any colors or harmful substances you might be exposed to. We suggest you mix one tablespoon each of organic coconut oil, castor oil and almond oil and apply it on your face and body. This will make it a lot easier for you to take off the colors while keeping your skin moisturized the entire time.

3 Avoid chemical soaps:


Regular market soaps can be harsh as they rip off the alkalinity level of your skin. We suggest you use an organic soap or a cleanser with natural ingredients such as turmeric and sandalwood. This will prevent your skin from getting dry and preserve the essential nutrients, while effectively cleansing it of any dust or impurities.

4 Moisturize before sleeping:


All the colors and heavy cleansing is probably going to strip your skin off its natural moisture and leave it dry. This is why you should apply a thick coat of moisturizer in the night before you go to sleep. This will allow your skin to rejuvenate as you rest after a day full of shenanigans. Amidst all the Holi fun and merriment, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Drink lots of water and wear sunscreen before you step out for the day.

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