10 Fool-Proof Ways To Embrace The ‘Pearlcore Trend’ In Your Wedding Celebrations

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The origin of pearls can’t be dated back to a certain time because they were discovered long before written history began. However, we know for sure that they were luxury items to possess. From the fragment of pearls being found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess dating back to 420 BC to records of pearls being presented as gifts to Chinese royalty as early as 2300 BC – these lustrous gems have always mesmerized people.


From Gayatri Devi to Queen Elizabeth, pearls have found a way to be a part of fashionable women’s jewelry collections worldwide. And not just women, a lot of men are embracing pearls as jewels and adornments too. Harry Styles and Pharrell Williams are some examples of male celebrities who enjoy serving us some high fashion pearl looks. (Related Reads: 10 bride & groom style ideas to borrow from the Indian royals)

Alia Bhatt

Despite the fact that pearls are very popular and available worldwide, there is still a lot of unexplored territory in terms of what one could do with pearls. We thus are bringing to you the latest trend— Pearlcore – and along with it some fun ways to include pearls in your wedding celebrations!

1 VeilRhea Kapoor

Rhea Kapoor got married in an off-white chanderi saree that she paired with this gorgeous pearl veil. It is such a beautiful take on a traditional veil that it instantly etches itself in our memories as one of the best wedding looks ever. The pearl strands are extremely fine and delicately woven together into a beautiful garment that is simple, unique, and most importantly, very pearlcore.

2 Sehra


With women having over a hundred ways of wearing pearls at their wedding, men aren’t that far behind! While a pearl necklace over your sherwani is the first idea most grooms have, incorporating pearls in your wedding sehra is an excellent way of making sure your bride doesn’t outshine you.

3 Nails


Nails are an important part of the look these days. People pay just as much attention to their nails as they do to their hair and makeup. A classic shade of ivory decorated with some pearls is the perfect nail art for you this wedding season.

4 Arm Candy


Having a purse might not serve much of a purpose on your wedding day since all your stuff will probably be with someone else. But, you can still carry a pearl potli for other events like a cocktail night or sangeet. (Related Reads: 9 potlis and batuas are the desi alternatives to the global baguette bag trend)

5 Shoes

Jimmy Choo

Every woman loves a good shoe even more so if she is the bride. We all want to look our best on the big day and this stunning pair of Jimmy Choo pearl heels is going to elevate your look so much that you will feel like a princess.

6 Men’s Jewellery

Pharell Williams

Men wearing jewelry is nothing new and these days it has become a popular trend. Necklaces, bracelets, and brooches are some of the most common ways, men have been embracing pearls. As pearls have a gender-neutral appeal, men aren’t shying away to include them in their stylish looks.



7 Sherwani

Source: Anushree Reddy Designs

Grooms often struggle with their wedding look when they want it to be ornate without being too heavy. Using thread work on your wedding sherwani and having pearls as the highlighting element on top is a great way of elevating your look.

8 Blouse


Pearl embroidered blouses are very popular among young brides. If you like things old school, a conventional embroidered blouse will do the trick for you! You can also take it one step further if your blouse itself is constructed with pearls. (Related Reads: 9 new blouse designs we are obsessing over)

9 Nath (Nose Ring) for INR 610


Indian weddings are incomplete without a big nose ring. Putting pearls in your nath is a great way of hopping on the trend while still keeping it traditional.

10 Hair & Makeup

eye makeup

Brides can incorporate tiny pearl stick-ons in their makeup around the eyes, around the edges of their hairline, or even as an outline of their eyebrows. It really depends on how you envision your look. Pearls can also be added in the form of hair clips to elevate the look and make it more pearlcore.

Hair pins

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