10 ‘New Age Hair Accessories’ For Your Wedding

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The quintessential Indian bridal lookbook is never complete without a stunning hair accessory. While the classic maang tikka is still loved by all brides alike, more and more millennial brides are venturing into the territory of new-age accessories that are more than just a regular maang tikka. Here are a few of our personal favorites. Let us know which one you love the most.


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A trend set by Rajput brides, the embellished hairband is followed by a lot of brides from other cultures too these days. A perfect accessory for brides who want to avoid going over the top with heavy maang tikkas that cover half their face, the hairband is a classic way of adopting the Maharani look, albeit with a hint of minimalism.


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Well, who doesn’t love crystals, after all? Try embellishing your bun with a string of crystals that will meekly peek through your bridal veil and watch some heads turn as you walk down the aisle like a true blue Disney princess!


Maharashtrian Bride
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The age-old tradition of tying the bride’s hair in a tight bun which is further secured by a Khopa was brought back to life by Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra in Bajirao Mastani. The khopa, a quintessential Maharashtrian hair accessory, is now loved and embraced by more and more millennial Marathi brides for the traditional yet sleek look that it gives.


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A timeless classic, the Paasa is an accessory introduced to the world by Mughal princesses and has been loved by a lot of Muslim, Sikh, and Punjabi brides. The Paasa, also known as Jhoomar, lies on the left side of the bride’s forehead and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, metals, and embellishments. Make sure that your Paasa is paired with heavy dangler earrings and a small maang tikka to nail the Mallika-E-Hindustan look for your big day!

Pearl Strings

Hair bun

Absolutely nobody can ever go wrong with pearls. Tying your hair in a bun that is embellished with pearl strings is a perfect way of adding a little oomph to your Mehendi lookbook. You can even use these strings to ornate your braid or even a loose updo and we promise, it would still look absolutely ravishing. A safe-play for functions like mehendi and haldi, do try this fun hair accessory to look a little different from other brides.

Good Old Flowers

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Need we say anymore? Flowers have forever been the go-to hair accessory of Indian brides. However, modern brides have moved past roses and orchids and have started experimenting with blooms like baby’s breath, marigolds, and jasmines. Even simple mogra gajras have started making a come-back in the Indian bridal space – a trend that has made a lot of brides go ga-ga.

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SImple, subtle, and yet so elegant, a well-embellished brooch is a perfect way of glamming up your hair with minimal effort. A classic sangeet or cocktail party accessory, the brooch comes in all possible shapes and sizes in the world and is the easiest available accessory. You can also have your brooch customized according to your outfit or jewelry to ensure that your OOTD looks effortless and complete.

Golden Ribbons

Golden Ribbon
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Throw in a few golden ribbons in your hairstyle to take the look to the next level without really having to do anything different. A lot of brides have been seen rocking this trend in recent times and we definitely do approve. The golden shade adds a dash of shimmer to your hair, thus making it a perfect accessory for late evenings.

The Maharani Parandi

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We simply can’t tell you how much we love this royal hair accessory. While parandis have always been a part of the Punjabi bride’s trousseau, the Maharani Parandi only takes its beauty and opulence to the next level. A gorgeous way to amp up your bridal OOTD, we totally approve this stunning hair accessory for your big day!

The Ornate Braid

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A subtler version of the Maharani Parandi, this hair accessory only adds just the right amount of opulence to your braid or even beach waves to take them from basic to wow! Loved by all the leading bridal hair stylists in India, this ornate braid should definitely make an entry to your bridal trousseau.

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