10 Ways to Embrace ‘Dopamine Dressing’ in Your Wedding Celebrations

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You might be wondering what on earth is dopamine dressing. Is it some trend made famous by TikTok or something your favorite stars have been advocating these days? To tell you more about this ‘trend of the 2022’, dopamine dressing is an instant mood lifter as it helps to boost dopamine levels in the brain (Side Note: Pinterest has already named ‘dopamine dressing’ as the trend to watch out for in 2022). For the unversed, dopamine is a ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter that maximizes your feeling of happiness. And, aren’t wedding celebrations all about happiness? Besides making you feel happy, an enhanced production of dopamine aids in the digestive process, healthy sleep patterns, and combating stress. And, all this can be achieved by picking the right kind of outfits as per the principles of dopamine dressing. Now, isn’t this the trend we want to embrace wholeheartedly? Here’s how you can dress with the intention to turbocharge your happiness!

1 Tie-dye separates for bachelorette

Jhanvi Kapoor

Once a staple wardrobe for hippies and ravers, tie & dye has become a major fashion trend these days. A tie-dyed outfit is a must-have for dopamine dressing as it has all the characteristics of what a dopamine dressing stands for. A bifurcated tie-dye piece for a hang with your gals at bachelorette will help you realize your inner child without a second thought.

2 Orange lehenga

Kriti Sanon

There is something innately joyful about wearing citrine and tangerine hues. As per color psychology, the color orange stands for creativity, joy, freedom, and stimulation, making it a perfect contender for dopamine dressing. Give this color a try in your wedding celebrations, and you won’t be disappointed. On the plus side, this hue works well on Indian skin tones, adding that sprinkle of radiance to the overall look of the bride. (Related Reads: 21 brides who wore orange) 

3 Neon lehenga

Alia Bhatt

Highlighter shades not only make you the center of attraction of any event, but they also have the power to lift one’s spirits. These shades, in a nutshell, signify the essence of a dopamine dressing.

4 Tie-dye kurta for sangeet (Anarkali set for INR 3900)

Tie Dye!

Never underestimate the power of swirls to bring a smile to one’s face. A tie-dye set like this is a perfect choice for all the occasions that demand you to be happy.

5 Multi-colored lehenga

Ananya Panday

What’s better than one color? Multiple colors. A multiple color lehenga is a nod to various shades of personality you’d prefer to be known for rather than being viewed from a monolithic lens.

6 Technicolor Jewelry

Source: Piya Arora

We simply love how this bride looks like an epitome of happiness in a multi-hued blouse she chose to accessorize with technicolored jewelry. Doesn’t she look like a perfect ambassador for dopamine dressing here?

7 Happy Baubles

Credits: Swarovski

If you are a guest attending a wedding, spark joy for yourself and for others with some happy baubles. Think peppy gemstones such as opal, lapis lazuli, zircon, or sapphire. Take the maximalist route by stacking different rings on different fingers for a look that truly exudes joie-de-vivre.

8 Leheriya


Leheriyas are tie & dye, but more organized in the arrangement. A desi version of tie & dye, leheriyas are light, colorful, and attractive to look at it. Aren’t they the best when it comes to selecting outfit options that are easy, breezy, and colorful?

9 Yellow


Is yellow synonymous with dopamine dressing? The answer to this is yes and no as it all depends on the shade you’re going for. Pick up the brightest shade to embrace dopamine dressing. Shades such as lemon, canary, and golden yellow are a perfect fit for dopamine dressing as they exhibit exuberance down to the last pigment.

10 Safas


Men, you don’t need to feel left behind as we have something for you as well. As dopamine dressing is unisex in nature, you too can include bits of it in your wedding look. (Related Reads: Style tips you can borrow from Indian royals) One of the ways you can show your support towards this trend is by wearing safas in eye-catching color. Not only, it will make you the best-dressed guy in the room; it will also lend a magnetic appeal to your overall personality.

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