10 Ways To Style Your Sindoor!

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The go-to accessory of every Indian newlywed bride is the sindoor! Although a simple red tint in itself, the sindoor has the power to elevate every look. But not everyone knows how to get it right on the first go. If you too are a newlywed bride or a soon-to-be bride (Hi, Katrina Kaif! ), here are the 10 ways you need to know to style your sindoor the correct way.

Know Your Sindoor


Sindoors come in different types and it entirely depends upon what you like. Sindoors are available in different colors like maroon, dark red, brownish earthy red, bright blood red, and orange-ish crimson. Apart from the colors, sindoors come in different textures like liquid, pencils, color sticks, and powder. What you pick depends upon how you want to style it.

Lakme sindoor
Source: Lakme
Sindoor pencil
Source: Ambar

The Minimal Stain

Geeta Kapur

The most common way of styling your sindoor especially for daily wear is the classic minimal stain. It is simple, subtle, and absolutely sophisticated!

The Thin Line

liquid sindoor
Source: LNG Ariya Beauty

The thin line usually drawn using the brush that comes with a liquid sindoor bottle is apt for girls who like showing off their newly married status albeit with a classy minimal appeal.

The Bengali Smudge

Bengali Sindoor
Source: Pinterest

Recently shot to fame through #TheSindoorChallenge, the Bengali smudge is a great choice for new brides who would like to show off their sindoor with a royal touch – a style usually seen on Bengali brides and goddesses.

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The OTT way

Deepika Padukone

The OTT way is all about going loud and bold with your sindoor and wearing it all the way up to your hair partition. Although this style looks stunning on all hairdos, we love seeing it more on sleek buns à la Bollywood brides like Anushka and Deepika!

Hitting The Sweet Spot


Wearing a little sindoor on the sweet spot on your forehead is like striking the correct balance between going OTT and minimal. This look is great for new brides especially on festive occasions that do not require them to glam up all the way!

Pair It With A Bindi

Maharashtrian Bride
Source: Jui Churi

Sindoor looks great when it’s paired with a simple, round bindi in shades of red and black. Even lighter bridal colors like pink, orange, and magenta look great with the sindoor.

Accessorize Your Sindoor

rasode mein koun tha


Try playing a little with your sindoor by accessorizing it with a little bling such as tiny, silver bindis. However, remember to not go overboard with the bling to avoid looking garish.

The Centre Of The Forehead

maharashtrian bride

Some South Indian and Maharashtrian ladies apply the sindoor or Kumkum in the center of the forehead like or upon the bindi, often paired with a little haldi (turmeric.)

Keep It Simple Silly!

Source: Magic Elephants

The best and prettiest way of styling the sindoor right is by keeping the rest of your makeup very simple. Pair your sindoor either with rich, smokey eyes or with dark red lips. However, like any other makeup look, the key is to strike the right balance to nail the look right.

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Always ensure that your sindoor from the previous day is well cleaned and there are no traces left. Smudged, old sindoor will lead to an unclean surface which will ruin the final look of the day.


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