11 Life Skills I’ve learnt As a Fauji Wife

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Army Bride
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Hi! I’m Jui and you’ve met me previously while reading the article: an insider peek into the life of a military bride. It’s been quite some time since I walked into the BSF campus as a new bride and although the novelty has now worn off, there isn’t really much I have to complain about. In fact, the last 9 months have only brought about so many positive changes in me and taught me skills I never knew I would need to survive. While I wouldn’t call myself an absolute professional at living life the Fauji wife way, here are a few skills I developed while living on the campus. Maybe you’ll enjoy reading them…

1 Cooking hearty meals in limited resources

Indian meals

Living on a campus located at one of the randomest corners of the country taught me that it’s an innovation that makes you a good cook and not the ability to replicate YouTube recipes. While basic grocery supplies are usually well in place on campus, it is not always that you’ll be able to get your hands on all the products you require. I have myself struggled with finding dhaniya patta (coriander leaves) in the biggest vegetable markets in Rajasthan in summers, let alone finding other exotic ingredients. But life on the BSF campus taught me to cook delicious meals using only what’s available locally – a skill I love to boast of!

2 Keeping myself positively busy

marathi bride
Source: Jui Churi Kale


There are weeks that fly super fast and then there are days that simply don’t seem to move any forward. These are primarily those when Mr. Fauji is out on the field and you don’t have anything else to look forward to. These are the times I choose to keep myself positively occupied. From welfare activities to backyard farming to writing blogs, I have learned to keep myself busy while I am alone, far away from my city, family, and friends.

3 Saree draping

saree draping

With an endless list of Mess Parties to attend every week, you simply can’t turn away your head from the saree. While a lot of women on campus like to get their saree pre-pleated and stitched to avoid last-minute hassles, I personally prefer draping one from scratch.

4 DIY Makeup, event planning & decor

makeup brushes

When you are living hundreds of miles away from urban civilization, the options are usually pre-limited and you can’t always rely on professional help for having your makeup, decor, or events in place. I took help from YouTube, Google, and my fellow Lady Wives to learn how to fix these requirements by myself and it has been great fun so far!

5 Scanning local markets like a pro


Local markets in the heart of rural India is where all the real deal lies. From the finest quality of handmade fabrics, clothes, and home decor items to delicious organic ingredients, local markets are a precious mine if you learn to scan them well.

6 Making the most out of available resources

Tie dye dupatta

There will be times when you won’t be having access to luxe brands, fine makeup, and multiple trial trips to designer labels. There will be times you won’t find the exact shade of dupatta you wanted for your friend’s wedding and resort to dyeing an available option in the closest shade. However, don’t let these little mishaps dishearten you. Let your creativity bloom and use whatever you have around you to achieve your goal. Afterall, manzil se behtar hai raastein, right? (journey is better than the destination)

7 Having a positive outlook


Your outlook and perspective is all that matters while you stay by yourself far away from friends and family. While situations will get tough at times, having a positive outlook would help keep anxiety at bay. Figure out what makes you feel happier. For me, it’s sipping hot adrak wali chai in my backyard!

8 Not giving up on my dreams


Indeed! Living life on campus, away from the city doesn’t make me a girl who has given up on her career. While my husband’s sarkari naukri provides all the security that it can, my passion for carving my own individual identity led me to looking for opportunities as a writer. I also write my own blogs describing my life as a BSF Lady Wife because I believe that your location cannot and should not ever hinder you from reaching out for the stars.

9 Being kind to myself

army bride
Source: Lumiere Wedding Company

Being an extremely anxious person who was always very hard on herself, I have come a long way. Living alone for days on end taught me to love myself and more than anything, be kind to myself. Because if you don’t acknowledge the sacrifices you make then nobody will! (Related Reads: Two weddings and a war between Russia – Ukraine)

10 Packing & relocating


While I haven’t had a chance to pack and relocate with the battalion so far, I have heard of a million packing up stories from fellow Lady Wives and I would say that my theoretical knowledge on the subject is pretty perfect so far!

11 Learning the lingo


If you belong to a defence or para-military force family, then you know what I am talking about here. If you aren’t, let me introduce you to the concept of Fauji Lingo. Here we don’t go to the market but ‘march’ towards it, or we excel at ensuring impeccable ‘adm’ for chai-samosa parties and go in the ‘putty parade’ zone the moment a senior lady summons a meet. #IYKYK

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