11 Songs to Listen to While Getting Your Bridal Makeup Done!

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There is no escaping from the fact bridal makeup will require you to sit still ( with some breaks in between) for minutes and hours – depending upon how elaborate or minimal you have chosen to get your final makeup done. If the mere thought of sitting in one place for long gives you goosebumps or daymares, we have just something for you. Tadaah, presenting music.Yes, music can be your trustworthy companion while you get your bridal makeup done. The power of music, as we know, has been discussed in length with various scientific studies supporting the fact that music can heal, move an individual, and reduce anxiety levels that are bound to run high on your wedding day. So say checkmate to anxiety, and hello to relaxation as you listen to a playlist while getting your face done.

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To extoll the virtues of music further, playing music particularly when you are feeling stressed or bored, is known to release hormones such as serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which in turn, can calm you down instantly. So without further ado, let’s take a look at a few tunes we have curated for you to add to your ‘tunes to listen to while I get my makeup done’ playlist. The best part about these tunes is that they are genre-less, and hence can be added as per your desired sequence (Girl, you command the flow!). So go on, give these songs a hear because who knows you might discover your new favorite tune or better a whole new genre to jointly listen to with your partner later on, besides killing those bubbles of anxiety. Take a look.

1 Beyonce – Diva

Yes, you are a dazzling diva – and this song is the validation about the same. Celebrate your ‘diva-nity‘ with this thumping number from Queen Bey.

2 Nadiyon Paar – Roohi

Didn’t Jhanvi Kapoor take us all by surprise with her dance moves in this 2021 rendition of Nadiyon Paar? Well, she did and how. One of the grooviest chartbusters of 2021, Naadiyon Paar ranks high on the sound meter. Chances are you will end up playing this atleast twice, thrice or on loop – take it from us.

3 Boondan Boondan, Maati Baani

Boondan Boondan by Maati Baani is an earthy, soulful number featuring instruments of multiple kinds. Sung by Nirali Kartik ( from Maati Baani), this collaborative number is about a woman describing the separation and the excitement of meeting her lover in the scenic romantic month of monsoon. Give it a hear, we say!

4 Kusu Kusu, Satyamev Jayate 2

Kusu Kusu is an energetic number that will bust out your boredom. The lyrics of the number might resonate with you personally, as it describes the state of ‘viraha’ that comes with falling in love.

5 Healing Ragas – Raag Bihag

Raag Bihag in Hindustani classical music uses all the swars (notes) of music. Used in many compositions by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, Raag Bihag is sung on many celebratory occasions including marriage. Seeped in romance, this raga is known to soothe its listeners in an instant. Bliss!

6 Bumbro

Sung primarily in Kashmiri weddings, Bumbro is a song about the romance between a bee and a flower. This folk song came into the limelight through the 2000 movie Mission Kashmir. It, since then, has become of the classic songs to come out from the late 1990s.

7 Nouvelle Vague – Dance With Me

With lyrics such as ” I’ve seen you in a thousand minds, you’ve made the angels fall…“, Dance With Me by Nouvelle Vague is a serenading number that has a dream-like quality. Oscillating between a bouncy track and a soft instrumental, Dance with me is perfect to play for those who don’t believe in sticking to one genre when it comes to the music.

8 Raja Kumari – Bindis and Bangles

EDM meets hip-hop meets soft desi beats, Bindis, and Bangles by Grammy-nominated Indian American rapper Raja Kumari is a song about being rooted in tradition while looking forward to the future – pretty much like the institution of marriage, and partnership, in our opinion.

9 Sia – Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills by Sia is all about feeling the beat. The best part about this number is the manner in which it increases its tempo and energy, after each line. Plus, it, mentions the makeup and act of getting ready too.

10 Banna Re – Project 91 x Bramha x Mitika Kanwar | Turban Trap

Banna Re by Turban Trap is a 2021 refresh on the classic Rajasthani folk song, Banna re. As per the official description, this track features some indigenous instruments like dholki, tabla along with an electric guitar and electronic stuff. The drop is full of energy with the bassline as the main element.

11 DJ Dark x DJ George A – Je t’aime 

This french song will make you think about your hubby-to-be, as you get wedding-ready for yourself and him. Go ahead, and have your Emily in Paris moment if you haven’t dipped your toes into world music before.

So which of these numbers are you adding to your getting-ready playlist? Do tell us in the comments below. 

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