11 Wedding Wardrobe & Jewelry Inspo to Take From The Nizam Dynasty

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Once counted among the wealthiest empires in the world, Hyderabad was not only known for the riches and lavish lifestyle of the Nizams but also for their fashion choices. The Nizams were known to wear sherwani with a turban that had jewelry and studded sarpech attached to it. They showed immense interest in jewelry, which was evident from the exquisite necklaces designed for them, made out of precious stones, gems, and pearls. Mehboob Nizam Ali Khan was the first Nizam to start wearing western clothes and had the reputation of never repeating the same outfit. However, there’s very little record of his costumes as they couldn’t be preserved and most pieces were given away after the Nizam wore them once.

Aditi Rao Hydari

In an otherwise patriarchal culture, the late Nizam had two daughters-in-law who were the first to step out and move about the city freely and unveiled. Princess Nilüfer, the wife to Moazzam Jha, the eldest son of the last Nizam, was a part of the elite women’s club called Lady Hydari Club. She left the palace quite frequently to attend public events and cocktail parties. This is why she came to be regarded as a torch-bearer for women’s advancement. Her beauty and grace was featured in many magazines and she greatly influenced the fashion of her times. Dürrüşehvar Sultan, the cousin of Nilüfer, was another graceful lady of her time. Married into the Nizam family, she made use of her power by setting up several educational institutions for women. The Nizam adored both his daughters-in-law, whom he often introduced as the “jewels of his palace.”

royal princess

There is so much heritage in the costumes of the Nizam dynasty that many designers continue to take inspiration from it. From pearls, rare jewels, pure gold, and fine textiles, Nizams pioneered the art of dapper dressing and we are here to help you incorporate some of those ideas into your wedding look. (Related Reads: 8 vintage beauty trends to try before your wedding)

1 A Chequered Three-Piece Suit


A well-tailored three-piece suit is a classic for men. You can wear it at your reception or even while attending someone else’s wedding, depending on how you style the ensemble.

2 Pearl Bracelet


Princess Nilüfer was a prominent public figure of her time and her love for pearls created a long-lasting fashion trend. Even today, women all across the globe wear pearls. Although it’s rather simple to look at, a pearl bracelet will beautifully compliment your attire. (Related Reads: 10 fool-proof ways to embrace the pearlcore trend.)

3 Placement Embroidery


As a woman of taste, Princess Nilüfer never disappoints as we go through her historic looks. This plain outfit looks so stylish because of the placement of the embellishments. Execute this with a saree at your wedding.

4 Tiered Necklace


The Nizams never shied away from wearing accessories or dressing up in an elaborate manner. In this portrait, we get to see one of the early examples of a pearl tiered necklace. A piece like this can make the most boring sherwani work by amping it up.

5 Bejewelled Sehra


Grooms who’ve been trying to find ways to add some sparkle to their wedding sehra can take inspiration from the many Nizam portraits such as this. (Related Reads: 8 ways to style sehra for the grooms)

6 Shoulder Pleats

saree pin

A fun detail for your ghoonghat would be if you crumple the fabric up at the shoulder and put a brooch to hold it in place. Feel free to choose your preferred design and size for the brooch.

7 Silk Organza


There is something extremely sensuous about a saree and even more so if it’s diaphanous. You can take inspiration from the personal style of Dürrüşehvar Sultan and grab yourself a beautiful organza saree. Whether you want it solid or printed is a decision we leave to you!

8 Appliqué

Applique saree

The Nizam princesses were fond of new and creative ideas to put on garments. This stunning lace appliqué on the edges of the saree would make a perfect look for you.

9 Silk Saree

silk saree

Silk sarees rose to popularity in the late nizam period. Young brides can ditch traditional embroidery and invest in a handwoven silk saree as it’s definitely more classy.

10 Bajuband


A bajuband is an accessory usually tied around the biceps. The nizams were fond of jewelry and a bajuband was a wardrobe staple for Afzal-ud-Daulah. Men can take inspiration from this and pair a rather simple sherwani with bajubands for an added spark.

11 Lace

Lace Sari

If you are bored of the traditional embroidered borders, an embellished lace border is a great way to shift boundaries. So which one of these royal styling tips are you planning on incorporating into your wedding trousseau? Let us know in the comments below.

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