15 Do’s & Don’ts Of Planning A Monsoon Wedding!

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Let us get married in RAIN, and drenched in LOVE!

Getting married during the monsoon seems like a dreamy affair, but the thought of rain spoiling your wedding function could very well turn into a nightmare.

For those who want to take their vows in this cool, romantic weather, with the sound of raindrops in the background, we have some do’s and don’ts while planning a monsoon wedding and make it a memorable day!

Get married in monsoon, and don’t let the season spoil your day. Here are some tips!

Do’s of Planning A Wedding In Monsoon

  • Book an indoor a/c venue that’s spacious enough to accommodate all your guests comfortably.
  • While choosing your outfit, go for bright colors and some light fabric for your wedding outfits such as chiffon, georgette, net or lace.
  • Keep your wedding outfit at ankle length instead of a trail, long hemlines.
  • Make sure there are valet parking service or ushers to help escort your guests under huge umbrellas in the rain and take them to the venue.
  • Ask your caterer to include a few live stations of hot beverages like jalebis, rabri, soups, chocolate lava, dosas, pav bhaji, etc.
  • You can plan a rain dance party as part of your pre-wedding event.
  • While designing your wedding invite, include the rain element like a couple dancing in the rain, rain droplets, cut-outs of umbrellas, etc to convey the theme to your guests.
  • Brighten up your venue with colorful umbrellas, floral prints, vibrant fabrics, ribbons, fairy lights, danglers and more such props.
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Don’ts of Planning A Wedding In Monsoon

  • Don’t wear any heavy and bejeweled outfits in velvet, thick silk and brocade.
  • Do not decorate your venue with real flowers as they would wet quickly, instead use artificial flowers.
  • Avoid any heavy foundation, cream based or water based makeup as they are more suitable for winter and summer respectively.
  • Do not wear heels or stilettos in this slippery weather. Go for wedges, juttis, mojris, they are very much in vogue and will go with your wedding outfit.
  • Do not leave your hair loose, as it will get frizzy during the monsoon season. Style a loose bun, a braid, any other hairstyle.
  • Do not wear false/fake jewellery, as this could lead to skin reactions with the rainwater. Go for real gold jewellery!
  • Avoid raw salads and any cold beverages as they can make you fall sick easily.
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