15+ Gorgeous Toi-Et-Moi Rings to Consider For Your Engagement Ring Purchase

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The Toi-et-Moi style of engagement rings which translates to ‘you and I’ is one of the most traditional jewelry forms yet an absolutely timeless classic! The ring came into existence when Napoleon Bonaparte gifted one to his wife Josephine de Beauharnais to express his love and admiration for her. The ring is a classic symbol of love and partnership encapsulating feelings that are perfectly expressed through the ring’s style of setting stones. Although its style has gone through a hundred modifications through the years, the traditional way of placing two stones of varying types, sizes, and cuts together is still evidently loved by all. In recent times, the ring has been used as a metaphor for commitment by celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and Ariana Grande and more and more new-age people, who are raving about it ever since. If you too are smitten by the Toi-et-Moi love, then here are a few of our favorites to take inspiration from for your big day.

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Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring made of the gigantic princess and pear-shaped diamonds is truly what dreams are made of! We bet you wouldn’t differ.


Another Toi-et-Moi beauty that has our hearts racing every time we see it is Ariana Grande’s ring made of a huge oval rock paired with a pearl.

diamond ring

Here’s another beautiful masterpiece we absolutely love. An ideal pick for a sea-loving couple, indeed!

toi et moi rings

For the rose gold lovers, this version of the Toi-et-Moi is a great choice complete with its royal cuts and ravishing clarity.


An upside-down version of Emily’s ring, this Toi-et-Moi beauty too would make for a great choice.

engagement ring

How about this delicate baby made of black diamond and white topaz? Surely, a great choice for couples who love going the monochrome way.

wedding ring

Or for those who like playing it safe, here’s a salt and pepper version of the monochrome beauty to enhance your fingers.

wedding rings

Pairing the topaz or a pear-cut diamond with a lush sapphire wouldn’t hurt either.

elegant ring

Neither will this. Downplaying the green would make for an equally sophisticated pick, we assure you!

ring style

Toi-et-mois don’t really need to adhere to any rules. Here’s a stunning blue and white ring in circles that look as ravishing as its other counterparts.

ring styles

This marquis sapphire Toi-et-Moi band is ideal for the low-key bride who likes to keep things simple.

custom ring

This custom-made ring, crafted out of a gigantic Australian Sapphire, paired with a white diamond turns blue in the interiors and, green when exposed to the sun. Magical, indeed.

pearl ring

For minimalistic brides who wouldn’t like going the blingy way, this band made of pearls paired with tiny diamonds is a perfect way to keep it simple yet super elegant.

wedding ring design
Source: Eli Fine Jewelry

Inspired by the colors of the northern lights, this Aurora Borealis Toi-et-Moi ring is made of pure unheated Tanzanite and looks equally as ravishing as the Northern lit sky, if not more.


For brides who love bling, bling, and more bling, this Ximena ring made of emeralds and diamonds is a piece of pure art.

ring designs

The style of the ring symbolizes love and nothing celebrates love like the color pink. Here’s a version of the classic Toi-et-Moi made in rose and white gold, studded with the most precious diamonds and topaz. A truly jaw-dropping piece, we bet!

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