15+ ‘Kaleerein Designs’ to Bookmark Including ‘The One Katrina Kaif Wore For Her Wedding!’

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The Kaleerein is undoubtedly one of the most favorite accessories of the Indian bride. A Kaleera accentuates the mehendi clad hands of the bride, thus differentiating her from the rest of her tribe. Did you know Kaleeras have always been an integral part of Punjabi culture since the beginning of the 20th century? Hence, they occupy a special place in the trousseau of a Punjabi bride. (Read about the Kaleerein Katrina Kaif wore at her wedding along with a host of deets from her wedding celebrations here!)Today, Kaleeras have gone contemporary and are available in a range of eye-catching designs


Here are a few Kaleeras we are so much in love with and think would make stunning accessories for your bridal look book. Check them here:

The Meenakari Kaleerein

Minakari Kaleerein

Let your Kaleerein mirror the enchanting history of India’s rich art by incorporating these stunning Meenakari designs in them.

The OTT Kaleerein

kaleere design new
Source: Pinterest

It’s your wedding day so why go subtle? These bauble Kaleeras are perfect for the bride who believes in going OTT on her big day.

The Baraat Kaleerein


Incorporate little details of your big day into your Kaleerein to make them special. Just like this bride who decided to include the highlights of her baraat on her custom-made kaleerein.

PeeCee’s Personalised Kaleerein

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra, being a quintessential Punjabi bride, decided to make her Kaleerein special by incorporating her and Nick’s initials into them. What a great idea!

Little Birdies

bird kaleerein

Birds are considered to be an important motif in Indian rituals. So why not go ahead and incorporate them in your bridal lookbook?

Floral Fiesta

floral kaleerein

Who says Kaleeras are just meant for your pheras? We suggest you incorporate some vibrant floral Kaleerein in your mehndi outfit too to take it a notch higher!

The Monogrammed Kaleerein

monogrammed kaleere

Here’s another brilliant way of using your and your groom’s initials or monogram as pendants in your bridal Kaleerein.

The Name Game

kaleere designs

If you don’t want to limit yourself to just initials or monograms, how about going a step further and using your entire names in your Kaleerein!

Your groom’s profession

kaleere design

How about incorporating your groom’s profession in your bridal Kaleerein to make it extra special? Just like this gorgeous bride had little planes into hers.

Your favorite animals or pets


This bride here decided to have the animal safari as a part of her bridal Kaleerein and just look how cute this looks!

The Waterfall Kaleerein

waterfall kaleerein

This pair of spectacular pearl Kaleerein having a gorgeous waterfall vibe is so soothing to the eyes. We totally approve.

The Minimal Fashion

minimal kaleere

If you are a bride who hates going OTT, here’s some dainty, minimal Kaleerein inspiration for you. Looks absolutely cute, doesn’t it?

The Genda Phool

genda phool

The auspicious Genda Phool has made its way into wedding decor so why not allow it to be a part of your bridal trousseau as well? Here’s a great way to incorporate the Genda in your haldi lookbook.

The Boho Buzz

boho kaleerein
Source: Pinterest

Are you a bride who likes to go the quirky way at all times? If you are then here’s some stunning boho Kaleerein inspiration for you which we absolutely love.

Sea Shells, FTW!

sea shell kaleerein

Planning for a mesmerizing beachside wedding? We’ve got you covered with the best Kaleerein idea to amplify your beach bride OOTD. Here’s how you add a simple yet sophisticated beach vibe to your bridal look just by throwing in some seashells in your bridal Kaleerein. (Related Reads: Wedding on Water: 5 steps to plan a fairytale cruise wedding.)

Katrina’s captivating Kaleerein

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif’s Kaleerein recently became the talk of the town when the news of her wedding surfaced over the net. Designed by Raabta by Rahul, these gorgeous Kaleerein are personalized for her and have auspicious words from the Hindu and Catholic literature engraved into them. What a stunning way to pay homage to both the bride and groom’s cultures, isn’t it?

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