15 Most Romantic AirBnBs For Honeymooning Couples

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For us the wedding doesn’t end at vidaai; the honeymoon is quite a part of the whole saga. Anyway, a lot of couples look forward to this much-needed time to relax and connect with each other, more than the wedding. And what can be a better way to spend your honeymoon than at a cozy, romantic stay with the whole place to yourself! AirBnBs are what most honeymooning couples opt for these days for the multitude of benefits that they offer. But it often gets confusing when it comes to choosing the right stay. So, to help you step out of this puddle of confusion, we have put together a list of the 15 most romantic AirBnBs after assessing a number of factors like comfort, aesthetics, location, etc. Let’s dive right in!

1 Le Belle Vie, Nainital


A beautiful cottage in a beautiful town is just what you need to add that fairytale vibe to your honeymoon. Le Belle Vie, located in the greens of Nainital, is a house you will never want to leave, given its soothing old-world charm. Besides, it is close to many adventure activity areas like paragliding, trekking, rappelling, valley crossing, and so on.

2 The Hornbill House, Goa


Transport yourself to the stone age as you stay in this fascinating villa which is actually built from the rocks. To make guests feel even closer to nature, the ceiling and around 70% of the walls are made up of glass. So you get the illusion of sleeping in the open without actually having to sleep outside. We found the concept to be uber cool.

3 The Water House, Jaipur


Located in the lap of the Aravallis, surrounded by lush vegetation and tiny waterfalls, this one is a slice of paradise. With the most scenic views and outstanding hospitality, we are sure you will have a memorable time with your partner here.

4 Aloha on the Ganges, Rishikesh


Serene views of the Ganga river are available directly from the room of this Himalayan valley villa. The large balconies, located adjacent to the bedrooms, are perfect for soaking up the scenery and relaxing.

5 The Cloudberry, Shimla


This home will provide you with one of the most picturesque views of the Shivalik range of mountains. It is located in the serenity of Mashobra, a short drive from the Shimla bus stand, and has rooms with a unique woody feel and huge french windows which allow a heartful glance at the snow-smothered hills.

6 Ivy Cottage, Ooty


The Ivy Cottage is a chic and cozy space overlooking tea estates of Ooty, forests, and mountain ridges. This resort is 7km from Ooty town and offers a serene and peaceful stay away from the bustle and noise. Their bucolic artwork reflects the local tribal culture and flora & fauna of the region.

7 Beans and Blossom Estate, Coorg


Imagine a coffee plantation spread over eight acres and staying in a lazy little cottage somewhere in the middle of it. Sounds both relaxing and romantic, right? Well, it gets even better. You get to go on super informative plantation tours and coffee tastings too. Beans and Blossom is a minimalist yet enriching experience, we would recommend for all the honeymooning couples out there.

8 Meena Bagh Residency, Shimla 


If you are a sucker for aesthetics just like us, then this charmingly quaint cottage has to be on your list. The entire place is adorned such that it mirrors the culture of Himachal, with its mud-plastered walls, and antique yet vibrant interior. You can also enjoy spectacular views of the gleaming white hills from this property while sipping hot tea with your special someone.

9 Wow Romantic Tree House, Goa

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We are smitten by the idea of staying in a treehouse while in Goa, and this property is certainly beyond expectations. It is a multi-storey house with verdant surroundings, an alfresco dining lounge, and a bedroom tucked between two giant trees.

10 Mistletoe Homestay, Munnar


Known for its exceptional hospitality and comfortable stay, Mistletoe Homestay is among the most luxurious and delightful stays in Munnar. The mighty Kanan Devan hills seem to be at a hand’s distance here, given the perfect location of the property. Moreover, their bakery kitchen offers delectable home-cooked meals and wood-fired baked goods.

11 Junoon in the Hills, Uttarakhand


There is nothing better than this destination for rejuvenating your mind and body after the tiring wedding events. This is the ideal setting for a honeymoon and its lush green surroundings are in full bloom during the monsoon season.

12 The Orchid Glade, Gangtok


Situated in the city center of Gangtok, this humble yet refreshing house provides ease and accessibility around the beautiful city.

13 Spice Routes Luxury Cruise, Kerala


You can also decide to ditch the BnBs on land for a serene stay on the water. Spice Routes, a luxury-style Kerala barge with a bedroom and plenty of common space is simply ideal for honeymooners. Here, you can cruise through the pretty backwaters, and enjoy scrumptious meals with views of waves and palms. Pure bliss, isn’t it?

14 Avalon Cottage, Kanatal


If you’re looking for a perfect click in the hills for your next #wanderlust upload, then you will love this exquisite cottage. As the home is situated on a cliff, you can enjoy a clear view of the Himalayas on the balcony with lounge chairs and relaxing floor cushions.

15 The Chalet, Kasauli


This eco-cottage in the hills is truly enticing. Here’s why – it is covered by lush green trees, and has a treehouse and a greenhouse where guests can grow their own organic vegetables. In addition, its owners utilize solar power and recycle wastewater to ensure the protection of the environment in Kasauli.

Uff! It is certainly taking some effort for us to not pack our bags and head out for these wonderful stays. But we would also not mind sitting in our chairs and getting to know about your honeymoon stay experiences. So, go ahead and let us know in the comments below!

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