15 Natural Ingredients For Bridal Skin Care Straight From Your Kitchen

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If you’ve read our guide to skin care tips for busy brides, you’ll know that we are big on natural skin care solutions. Oily, dry or combination, whatever your skin type may be, there’s nothing better than natural ingredients to give you that bridal glow on your wedding day. Affordable and completely safe, these age-old skin care remedies have been a part of Indian bridal beauty routine for ages and are 100% effective in treating acne, blemishes, pimples, scars, aging and other skin problems.

If you’re stressed about choosing a bridal skin care routine without spending a fortune, look no further than your own home, especially your kitchen, fridge and pantry for everyday ingredients that work like a miracle. Eat well, stay hydrated, get 8 hours of sleep and let Mother Nature give you flawless skin on your D-day!

1) Turmeric

Fresh turmeric roots and powder
Turmeric is a healing spice with antiseptic properties that gives you radiant skin!

Is there anything turmeric or good old haldi isn’t good for? No wonder, Indians have been cooking everything with this magic root since time immemorial (and the West has just discovered the miracle drink called ‘turmeric milk latte’ or haldi-doodh from our grandmoms’ kitchens!) Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, it keeps acne, pimples and dark spots at bay, it fights sun damage and leaves your skin glowing from within with regular usage! It’s not for nothing that it’s a superfood for the ages!

Here are some easy, DIY turmeric face packs for all skin types, that’s guaranteed to give you flawless skin!

2) Honey

Honey is a natural humectant i.e. it attracts and preserves moisture (dry skin divas, are you listening?). It has natural anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties that help fight sun damage, clear pores, reduces signs of aging and magically cures acne, zits and the occasional breakouts (perpetually stressed working brides, this is your new skin care BFF). Move over oil, honey IS the ultimate liquid gold.

Here are some homemade DIY honey face packs for all your skin care needs!

4) Lemon

Get ready to load up on the citrus as lemon is the magical skin potion that you’ve been looking for. Rich in vitamin C & B as well as citric acid, it helps tackle pimples, acne, dark spots and pigmentation. You can even use lemon water as a natural toner to reduce pores and sebum secretion and protect skin from free radical damage. Mix it with some sugar and you get a natural lip scrub. Ready to embrace that healthy, flawless skin with a dash of lemon?

Try these homemade lemon face mask & see the difference in your skin in a few weeks!

5) Sugar

Sugar has been getting all kinds of bad raps lately from doctors, dietitians, supermodels, Instagram models, your gym trainer, your best friend….you get the drift. While a high-sugar diet is a strict no-no, you can incorporate it into your beauty routine for spectacular results. Like honey, sugar is another natural humectant so it can keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. It’s an excellent exfoliant that can be made into a number of body scrubs that removes dead skin cells and reveals fresh, glowing skin.

We bet you will LOVE these easy DIY sugar scrub recipes!

6) Dairy (Milk/Curd/Cream or Malai)

Lactose intolerant? Hate milk? Vegan? Worry not! You can always incorporate dairy in your beauty routine instead. Packed with calcium, lactic acid, vitamins B12 & A and other nutrients, milk is an excellent skin cleanser and anti-aging ingredient. It moisturizes skin & improves its elasticity and boosts collagen production. Curd too moisturizes your skin, reduce sun damage, fine lines & wrinkles, fights blemishes, acne and gives you smooth beautiful skin!

Here are some curd face packs for all skin types!

7) Cucumber!

A natural toner, cucumber has now entered the Superfood Hall of Fame! Besides help soothe sunburn in peak summer, cucumber treats open pores, reduce eye puffiness & dark circles and rejuvenates skin like no other. Rich in water content it keeps your skin flush and hydrated. Suffered a bad case of sun tan? Simply use cucumber to reverse it. There’s nothing the humble cucumber can’t tackle!

Looking for some DIY cucumber face mask? Click here!

8) Tomato

Tomatoes. Or as I like to call them ‘Holy Grail of budget kitchen skincare’. Tomatoes are bursting with vitamin C, lycopene and potassium making it a great skin rejuvenator.

It fights signs of ageing and sun damage and its astringent properties help tighten pores, reduce excess sebum and thereby lessens the chances of acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pigmentation.

We LOVE these DIY tomato face packs for all skin types!

9) Orange Peel

I’ll let you in on a skincare secret my mom (a 58 years old nutritionist with fantastic, healthy, glowing skin!) swears by – blend orange peel, yogurt and turmeric. Add a spoonful of honey and apply to your face and neck. She even slathers it on her arms. Orange peel has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and antioxidant properties making it fantastic for treating oily skin and acne. And of course it helps that it smells so heavenly. This is skin food like nothing else!

All the orange peel face masks you need to try for that bridal glow!

10) Aloe Vera

One of the best tried-and-test remedies for all skin problems is aloe vera gel. I have gotten rid of stubbon acne marks overnight by simply slathering some fresh aloe gel on my face! It treats sunburn, cures acne and skin pigmentation, moisturizes skin as a natural humectant and heals scars. No wonder, the ancient Egyptians used to call it the ‘plant of immortality’

Here’s how to use that messy, gooey goop of natural goodness for glowing skin!

11) Oatmeal

Fitness enthusiasts & oatmeal-haters will rejoice alike! Besides healthy weight loss, oatmeal is excellent for radiant skin! It has anti-bacterial properties and can soak excess oil off face, making it a great antidote to acne, pimples and pigmentation. Oatmeal scrubs are excellent at exfoliating dead, dry skin cells leaving you with fresh, youthful skin.

You NEED to try these DIY, easy, quick oatmeal face packs for healthy skin!

12) Papaya

Confession – I hate papaya (even in smoothies). But I don’t mind slathering it all over my face because of its tremendous skin care benefits. Papaya (rightly called the ‘Fruit of the Angels’) is an excellent exfoliator; it hydrates skin and boosts collagen production naturally, which leaves your skin soft & supple. Papaya is also beneficial in treating uneven skin tone and pigments.

The best papaya face masks for glowing skin. You’re welcome!

13) Ice

We’ll keep it simple – rubbing ice cubes on your face is AMAZING. It improves blood circulation to your skin, it helps your skin absorb creams, serums and other beauty products better, it reduces pores and eye puffiness, soothes acne & scars and prevents inflammation. Freeze aloe vera, green tea bags, cinnamon or even rose petals in ice cubes and see how it elevates your beauty routine.

14) Apple Cider Vinegar

Besides drinking warm water & apple cider vinegar mixture on an empty stomach, there are other tremendous uses of it in your beauty routine. ACV is excellent for treating stubborn pimples and acne. It is a natural toner, packed with astringent properties and it is very, very good for fighting wrinkles and age spots. We can safely say, an apple (cider vinegar) a day keeps the (skin) doctor away!

Find out how to incorporate apple cider vinegar in your skincare routine!

15) Potato

Potatoes are a miracle cure for sunburn and tanning (anybody else has fond memories of potato face packs after summer beach vacations?). Potatoes reduce acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots & blemishes and are fantastic for moisturizing skin. If you’ve been advised to not eat them, you can always include them in your skin care routine for amazing results.

Find out how to use potatoes to get flawless, radiant skin!

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