15+ Offbeat Mehendi Designs For Quirky Brides

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We have seen brides go all over the top with the conventional bridal nuances and then there are brides who simply like to go the quirky way with every little possible bit they can think of. While lehengas, choodas, jewelry and even bridal makeup has made way for a little quirk here and there, it’s time bridal mehndi followed the suit too. Luckily, it did! As creative as brides can get, their penchant for incorporating little unconventional motifs in their bridal mehendi ended up creating a plethora of inspirational mood boards for future brides who would love to go the quirky way. Have a look yourself.

1 Got diamonds on my palm 

These little starry-diamonds that look like a romantic night time sky.


2 In The Mood For Marigold

Or this fresh bunch of bright marigolds blooming on your pretty palms.


3 Feeling Divine?

May be the lord himself can grace your palms to provide all the blessings you need for your big day.


4 How About Adding A Luxe Touch?


What if your henna screams about your favorite brand, dropping all the hints for your guests on what you would like as a gift.

5 Forever



A commitment for life.

6 Pump up The Fun


Some curlies, just for the feels.

7 Lady Whistledown Approves This


A minimal aesthetic Bridgerton inspired motif.

8 Exploring The Notion of Time

mehendi designs

Doesn’t this design take you down the memory lane?

9 Connect The Dots


A few dots or maybe lots and lots of them!

10 Can We Call You – The Gambit Queen?


Checkers… why? Because you can!

11 You Are My Honey


An aesthetic honeycomb. Would be even better if your other half is a match from the renowned dating app!

12 Florals on Your Palm – Groundbreaking


A big bloom spreading across your palm.

13 Aiming For The Stars

Source: A Dappled Life

The sun, moon and stars in all their glory.

14 Those Were The Times

mughal mehendi

A Mughal motif inspired jharokha and swirlies to bring an ancient charm and mystery to your palms.

15 Make it (a bit) Personal

Source: Jui Churi

A logo/emblem of anything that’s special to your loved one or your love story.

16 Who Knew Geometry Could Be This Beautiful

geometrical mehendi

Some geometry wouldn’t hurt either.

17 Happy Feet


These little rosettes for your feet because why should hands have all the fun?

18 Make it Special

Source: Hemali Gada

A calendar marking either your wedding date or the day he went down on his knees for you. Imagine how pretty this would be.

19 Go Bold

henna designs

Going all OTT with quirky patterns. Who said quirky has to be minimal?

Brides, here are some of our favorite quirky designs for you. But remember, anything that suits your choice well and makes you feel comfortable is the right choice for you… quirky or not! So don’t let any norms hold you back and go all out with your quirk if you like. For your bridal henna might get drawn on your palms only once but, will forever be etched in your heart!


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