15 Songs To Play During Vidaai From Emotional, Heart-warming To Peppy

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Dreaded by the bride and her family, the tearful time of vidaai is something that massively tunes down the wedding fun. But can we add some color to this gloomy situation also? Of course, we can! Music can change the mood of any event and we are going to help you amp up a vidaai with this tool. In this post, we suggest 15 songs ideal for playing during this heartfelt moment to set the scene right. Whether you are looking for emotional, heart-warming, or peppy numbers, we have a range of recommendations to fit your choice. So, be quick and hop on the wagon as we go on this musical journey.

1 Dilbaro

Ever since this beautiful song has been released, it has become a classic vidaai song with its super emotional yet affectionate lyrics, both in Hindi and Kashmiri. It will certainly move not only the bride’s family but everyone present to tears.

2. Kabira (Encore)

This superhit creation is a staple at weddings and has not lost its charm even after years. In the soulful voices of Arijit Singh and Harshdeep Kaur, this song makes a perfect play for the heavy-hearted goodbye.

3. Nai Jaana

One of the most popular songs by Neha Bhasin, this one is a fun and refreshing mix of love and leg-pulling. Listening to it might make the bride crack up amidst all the sobbing. (Related Reads: Two weddings & a war between Ukraine-Russia)

4. Laadli

If you are looking for an emotional song with a touch of folk fusion, then this one is your pick. Sung by legends like Lata Mangeshkar and A R Rahman, it is a treat to the ears. (Related Reads: 10 wedding songs by Lata Mangeshkar)

5. Morni Banke

How about this upbeat number to make the bride feel more special than ever? Just prepare a short dance on this song to be done during the vidaai to elevate the mood from senti to spectacular in minutes!

6. Mere Sohneya

Very few songs strike at the heartstrings like this one. Both mushy and meaningful, this song will make the couples clutch at each other, and the singles wish for a ‘sohneya’ of their own. You might also catch the bride and groom exchanging cute glances at each other as the song flows.

7 Tenu Leke

If the groom is up for it, then a performance by him on this perky song will make the moment of vidaai memorable for all, especially for his newly-wed wife. It will also be a great way to cheer up her family just as tears start to dampen things down.

8 Madhanya

The latest version of this lovely Punjabi melody is something you just can’t miss. It is one of the most suitable soundtracks to fill the air with as the bride bids farewell to her dear ones.

9. Meri Laado

Another delicate pick from the tub of emotional songs is Meri Laado by Jatinder Singh. A friendly warning that we would like to share is that this piece of music brims with raw emotions and might double up the bride’s tears.

10. Chaar Baj Gaye Lekin Party Abhi Baaki hai

If this vidaai is scheduled at the hours of dawn, then this party anthem will fit the scene like a piece of a puzzle. Just make the speakers blare with this song and see how the family’s spirit changes from weepy to peppy.

11. Desi Girl

If the bride is a PC fan, then nothing will make a better pick than this groovy song. Ask the bridesmaids to break into a surprise dance on this one to cut through all the gloom.

12. Banno Tera Swagger

Shed the vidaai blues with this sprightly song and let the bride say goodbye with swag!

13. Laadki

If you don’t mind watching the bride’s family drown in a pool of tears, then this tear-jerking track from Coke Studio is all you need to end the wedding at a heart-touching note.

14. Son Chiraiya

A beautiful blend of emotions, this is a classic vidaai song with probably the most moving lyrics out there. Hit play on this one and you will get to witness a sob fest for sure.

15. Nachde Ne Saare

This delightful wedding song will just take a few moments to balance the plethora of emotions at a vidaai. It will make a nice escape from the sad hugs for some blissful bhangra as the bride and groom begin their new journey together.


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