20 Unique Proposal Ideas for Every Kind Of Couple

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Wondering how to pop the question (or want to nudge your other half in the right direction)? Here are some of the coolest ideas to make your partner feel like the most loved beau on planet Earth!

Classic, old-school gestures-

  1. If your partner is a workaholic at a cool office set up, involve the office colleagues (and boss) to call in for an urgent meeting. Pull up a presentation using keywords specific to your partner’s position in the company. Hard to resist when your partner speaks your tongue, right?!
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  1. If your partner is a bibliophile, there’s no better place than a library to propose at. Pick up their favorite book, highlight their favorite quotes, hollow out a portion and put the ring there.

  1. For couples who have a favorite sport, what better place to propose than the sports stadium itself? For a grander feel, propose during a match(or half times).

  1. For couples who only get to spend personal time during breakfasts and dinners, read through.
  • Breakfast is ideally the best time to propose, you’re making your partner’s day, and life. You could plan a breakfast in bed surprise. Write the question at the bottom of a cup, fill it with coffee, and let your partner reach the end of the breakfast. Sauce as ink on bread is yet another easy way.

  • Dinner proposals are better when grander. Go for a nice, cozy dinner, preferably at a rooftop café or restaurant. Coordinate with the staff earlier, so they can help you in hiding the ring in a wine glass, or even in a fortune cookie.
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  1. Involve family and/or friends in a well-decorated set up. To keep the proposal pressure free and personal, hide the close ones somewhere at the venue. Ask everyone to stay hidden until you hear a “YES”. Let them scream “SURPRISE” and be a part of the celebration.

  1. Take your partner out on their birthday to a globally acclaimed ‘romantic destination’ and propose there. Birthdays look ultra special with a stone on!

  1. If you’re a good singer, sing a proposal to her over hot coffee or a glass of your favorite wine.

  1. If your partner has a soft space for paintings and sketches, hire a professional to sketch you proposing to your partner.
Credits: My Modern Met
  1. If you’re a writer, there’s no better way to propose than by writing something thoughtful for your partner. If your partner is a writer, she would appreciate you taking a step towards penning down your thoughts. You can refer to love poems and recite them to your partner under beautiful, warm lights.

  1. The Holiday seasons add a much needed blessing element to the proposal. New Years or Christmas if you want to seal the deal before year end or during Puja celebration in front of a deity you believe in.

  1. An amusement park is an exciting place to propose. Can you imagine the adrenaline rush at the top of a Ferris wheel or on a Roller Coaster?

New age ideas-

  1. Let your pet be the ring bearer. For couples who’re already parents of a pet, make your child talk. Nobody can escape the ‘aww’ element associated with the love that you have for your pet.

Proposal ideas - The Wedding Brigade

  1. If you have a corner in your residential city that you and your partner have a lot of memories at, or visit often, that is your proposal spot. Doesn’t matter how low-key that is. It could be a park bench, or a bus stand, or a tapri or galla.

  1. Wear a T-shirt or a necklace that has a QR code printed, that when scanned, reads “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”. Let your partner scan it and then get the talking done.

   15. Plan a scavenger hunt that leads your partner through all the important places in your relationship. Let the hunt end at you,  down on a knee, with a ring in your hand.

  1. Re-enacting their favorite movie proposal is a very thoughtful and romantic idea for movie lovers. What’s better? FILM IT!
Credits: CIRCA 1950s
  1. “Will you be my PLAYER 2?” is a unique way to propose if your partner is a video games buff. For a couple addicted to PUBG, you can plan up with your team mates, and propose at the end of the game. “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. Will you share dinners with me for the rest of our lives?”

  1. Propose under a romantic, starry sky. If it’s generally cloudy above you, take her to the city planetarium.

  1. Hire a good photographer for a photo shoot and pretend to take ‘couply’ photos. Propose during the shoot for a professional documentation of the proposal.

20. If you don’t mind PDA, flash mobs are a grand manifestation of your love. Involve friends and colleagues to put up a grand show!

Credits: Tom and Vicky’s Marriage Proposal on YouTube

PRO TIPS: Always add an element of surprise. Always keep the camera on recording through the process. This can be a great footage for your wedding film, or just something you’d want to preserve as a life-long memory. Tell us which idea you’d want to implement in the comments section below.


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