2022 Wedding Menu Trends As Per The Hospitality Experts!

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Wedding Food

“Indian weddings are famed for their lavishness, exorbitant decorations, and large spreads of scrumptious and sinful food. A wedding feast is sure to add a few calories to your system”, says Neha Gupta, Founder & Restaurateur – Beyond Designs Bistro. Neha’s venture, Beyond Designs Bistro, is a unique concept restaurant where food meets art, delighting its patrons with experimental fare and artisanal baked goodies. As per her, the entire wedding extravaganza is scaled down now. Case in point: Alia and Ranbir’s wedding had less than thirty people in attendance. 

Neha Gupta
Credits: Neha Gupta

“There are no more huge themes and structures. The gathering is small and the venues are also small and intimate.  So it is a good time to curate a personalized menu. Today, therefore, is all about a well-curated menu that takes a keen interest in the ingredients and the way they are cooked. There is definitely a lot of subtlety in the way a wedding menu is put together and served,” she feels. Chef Vikas Seth, Culinary Director, Embassy Leisure, Zest Events and Catering however holds a slightly different opinion. He says, “As the Covid situation is calming down, the weddings are getting bigger and better along with fabulous food choices on the table. The food served at a wedding can convey several stories. Couples love to curate the best and the most unique menus for the people coming along to celebrate their big day.”

Credits: Embassy Leisure, Zest Events and Catering

Though speaking with these experts gave us a broader sense of the wedding menu trends that’re going to shine through in 2022, we further requested them to break down the trends in pointers for an easy understanding. Here’s what they said.

Wedding Menu Trends As Per Chef Vikas Seth:

Source: Embassy Leisure, Zest Events and Catering

1. Oyster bar – Exclusive ingredients flown in from various places presented uniquely are always a hit at weddings.

2. Sushi/Sashimi – Japanese cuisine has gained popularity within the restaurant scene, this has also translated to the wedding space. There has been a growing interest in including salmon, as well as Maki rolls, in the catering menu.

Source: Embassy Leisure, Zest Events and Catering

3. Dumplings – Asian dumplings have been a requirement for weddings lately, steamed fresh at a live counter especially.

4. Cheese is in:  Cheese wheel served over pasta again at a live counter is a big hit in Indian weddings. Overall, buffets are being replaced by sourcing unique ingredients, showmanship, and live counters making food fresh in front of the guest.

Wedding Menu Trends As Per Neha Gupta:

Comfort Food
Source: Beyond Designs Bistro

1 Presentation will matter more: Presentation is everything. Contrast color and texture, mouthfeel, and plating are important.

2 Pan-fried dishes are having their moment: Clients these days ask for something different and fancy, yet non-fried, especially for finger foods. Where there were deep-fried food items before, today we have pan-fried or grilled dishes.

Source: Beyond Designs Bistro

3 Customized Menus are the way to go: Clients are particular about customizing menus keeping the calorie count in mind. Of course, they want new, interesting dishes selected from global cuisines also stylishly served in bite sizes.

4 Wedding menu is getting healthier: People are becoming more and more conscious of their health and diet these days, and some of that has rubbed off on the wedding menus. The menus hence are getting leaner, modern, and more sophisticated.

From what we can gather, the wedding menu is definitely going through a major rehaul. The new-age menu is an encompassing mixture of different aspects right from the presentation to nutrition to crowd-pleaser dishes to experimental cuisine. A delight for foodies and baaratis, nevertheless.

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