25+ Stunning Black & White + Colour Wedding Portrait Ideas You Can Use!

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Wedding photographs are magical as they can take you back to the exact moment you finally executed your practiced poses or were simply caught unawares. Does that make wedding photographers magicians? Rightly so, a good wedding photographer can immortalize the emotions and feelings – a couple undergoes on their special day – in a series of memorable shots. With their magic wand aka high-end DSLRs, photography expertise, and a laser-sharp photographic eye – a good wedding photographer can elevate the precious moments of your life like no other. Therefore, it is very important to shortlist the correct photographer for your special occasions. You should definitely read this if you are looking for some guidelines before finalizing the photographer.

Farhan Akhtar

Usually, a shot can be broadly classified into monochrome and color, in terms of the color palette used. While a monochrome shot primarily employs the usage of black and white color; a color photograph is composed of, well you guessed it right, colors. As different as chalk and cheese, both these shots have their own USPs. For instance, a stunning B&W shot can bring out the depth of the scene beautifully, while being vibrant at the same time – sans any color. Color, on the other hand, adds an element of verve – and is an effective way to introduce ‘the disruptor’ (read: contrast) in the shot. So both have their own perks, you see. Whether you are on ‘team monochrome’ or ‘a cheerleader for everything color’, or on ‘team undecided’ – here are a few stunning wedding portrait ideas you ought to take notice of, to make up your mind.

1 Leverage on The Shadows

Source: Pinterest

This photograph beautifully leverages the shadow to impart an ethereal charm to the appearance of the bride.

2 Ever thine, Ever mine, Ever ours

Source: Pinterest

Always trust a black and white shot like this to bring out the chemistry between two partners.

3 A Picture is worth 1000 words

engagement ring
Source: Pinterest

Wanna flaunt your engagement ring / wedding band differently? Well, here’s a shot and sweet idea you can use.

4 Include a panoramic shot

wedding photography
Source: Pinterest

Can you too feel the joy contained in this well-timed panoramic shot?

5 Vintage Vibes

Source: Pinterest

Isn’t this bride looking like some queen from the past in this monochrome shot?

6 Close up means more than a toothpaste brand

close up
Source: Pinterest

A close-up shot like this is a brainy way to flaunt your jhumkas and balis without coming across as too obvious. It is something Maya Sarabhai of Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai would approve of.

7 Picture-Perfect

lgbt wedding

Does that photograph wanna make you say, ‘nazar na lage’ (May God protect them from the evil eyes)? Well, that’s what a candid photograph looks like. (Related Reads: Some candid wedding photography ideas)

8 Go crazy with the gang

Source: Priyanshi Tater & Aditya Chhabra

Include your gang and cousins in your bachelor & bachelorette party photos to make them even more special.

9 Smiling Shots

Source: Pinterest

Smiling shots make the wedding photographs even more magnetic.

10 Make use of props

Source: Radhika Sangani

Props when used right, can maximize the overall appeal of a photograph. The color bomb smoke in this photograph, adds to the celebratory appeal of the occasion.

11 A shot like this

Source: Radhika Sangani

Shots like this are a good way, to add a dash of excitement to the wedding pictures.

12 A Groovy backdrop

optical illusion
Source: Radhika Sangani

Optical illusions are loved by all. They also make for a kick-ass backdrop as they can add the desired swag to your wedding pictures.

13 Include Nature

Source: Pinterest

Incorporate a few elements of nature to make your wedding photographs, even more smashing.

14 Bird’s Eye View

birds eye view
Source: Pinterest

A wide-lensed drone shot like is an excellent way to give a ringside view of the celebration to the audience.


Source: Pinterest

When Ariana Grande crooned the lines, Focus on me, in her song Focus, she probably meant this.

16 Humor to the rescue

Source: Pinterest

Inject a little humor to the wedding photographs with goofy poses, awkward expressions, and anything silly you can think of. These bits will not only make your photos look great, they’ll also help in breaking the ice between your friends and cousins.

17 Add a ‘slice of life’

Source: Pinterest

Wedding photos need not to include lavish props to make them look high-quality. You can ask your photographer to be creative by including objects from the daily life in their composition.

18 Remember to have fun

Source: Tanya Swastik

The camera can capture even minutest of your expressions. Therefore, remember to be at ease with yourself while getting clicked. One of the effective ways to shake off those anxiety is by having fun acting all silly.

19 Take the lesser-taken path

Source: Pinterest

Mehendi shots in monochrome? Go for it, we say!

20 Use Flower Petals

Source: Shashank Issar

Bring in some color in your shots by introducing the basket of flower petals in the shot. Play around with it so as to let your official photographer take some wonderful dynamic shots.

21 Exaggerate

Credits: Shashank Issar

ECUs or extreme close up shots are a good way to exaggerate the quality of fun in your wedding shots.

22 Harness the power of perspective

Credits: Shashank Issar

A perspective shot requires trusting the photographer fully by surrendering to his/her creative vision. (Related Reads: A stunning photoshoot in Taj Mahal

23 Taking photos from behind

Source: Vikram weddings

Make sure to ask your wedding photographer to take some photos of you from behind as it lends your photograph, a story like feel.

24 Share Wedding itinerary with your photographer

Credits: Sukhmani Sohal

Do make it a point to share wedding itinerary, well in advance, with the photographer so that he can roughly plan out the shots. You wouldn’t want to miss him taking important shots, do you?

25 Keep it Abstract

Abstract shots
Source: Shashank Issar

Abstract shots like these are a commendable way to break through the clutter of run-of-the-mill wedding shots. Shots like these will not only make you a trendsetter, it will also set your wedding photographs apart from the rest.

26 Portraits of ‘Inanimate Objects’

Credits: Shashank Issar

Well, we have extended the concept of portraits to inanimate objects, as they too have an important role to play in the wedding functions. A well-composed shot of objects required for marriage rituals will add character in your wedding album by taking a viewer into the behind-the-scenes of your celebration.

So which of these portrait ideas did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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