4 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Inspired By The Royal Wedding

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“No Gifts No Money – we only need your blessings” We have often read this on the invitation cards. But how many of us actually consider following it?

With the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle coming up, people are inspired by the way the couple is approaching wedding gifts. They have nominated 7 charity trusts and asked their guests to donate to those charities rather than spend money buying them expensive gifts. This is one of their ways of giving back to the society, and this shift could also move the charitable needle in a major way.

We all know that royal weddings like that of Prince William and Kate Middleton lead to new trends being formed and we think this idea of ‘doing good’ through your wedding gifts is a great trend the world of Indian weddings could use.

From asking people to similarly done to charitable organizations to requesting for only eco-friendly gifts, here are ways couples in India can get inspired from Meghan and Prince Harry and ask for wedding gifts that will earn them some good karma.

1. Donate To Charity

Just like the royal couple, you can also ask your friends to donate for a cause – animal rights, education, women’s organizations, cancer/terminal illnesses or any other that is close to your and your fiance’s heart.

2. Plants/Saplings

Either you can ask your friends to gift you plants/seeds/saplings or ask them to plant a tree and adopt it. We could all use some more trees in the city and it’s also a very symbolic present as you are starting a new journey together.

3. Products Made From NGOs

Image Credits: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

There are many organizations that help farmers and other people make a living by selling their products like honey, art and craft, home decor, lifestyle products, cushions, accessories and organic food. Celebrate your special day by encouraging your guests to gift anything from these kinds of companies / NGOs on your wedding.

4. Handlooms / Traditional Textiles

Image Credits: Aviraj Saluja; Designer: The Wedding Designers

Handloom products are mostly made in rural areas and by workers who are often struggling to survive in the world of Chinese factory made fabrics. While many designers are trying to revive handlooms, it is often not benefitting the weavers who are in dire need of support for their art. You can ask your friends and family to gift you products that are handloom and that will help these artisans and weavers in a small way. Some ideas could include benarasi fabrics or chanderi home furnishings etc.

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