5 Games To Play To Make Karwa Chauth More Fun + What To Wear!

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Karwa Chauth is one of the important festivals in the celebration calendar of India. The festival is celebrated in various parts of the country especially in the North by married women, who on this day observe a fast for their partner. Over the years, the festival has become a little more inclusive and gender-neutral with men joining in observing fasting and other rituals for their partner.

Karwa Chauth

If you’re planning to celebrate Karwa Chauth this year and hunting for some ideas, you are in luck as we have compiled few activities you can indulge in along with some dressing pointers to make your celebration a memorable affair – for months to come if not a year. So let’s first take a look at some of the games you can play (with your partner and other ladies from your family or neighborhood) before we move on to dish out a few rituals for style.

Unjumbling Partner Names


This game is super easy to play and doesn’t require any planning effort. All one has to do is to arrange for a pen, paper, and some volunteers to play this fun game. To play this game, write down the 8-10 pet names of your partner in a jumbled manner. For example: Instead of honey write yneho and so on. The one who plays the game has to unjumble all the names within a prescribed time limit.

Identify The Ring


This game again requires no planning and is super entertaining to play. In this game, all the players remove their wedding ring which is then kept on a tray. The players are then blindfolded and asked to identify their ring from the tray full of rings by touching it. To make this game more fun, you can add the option of three lifelines to assist the players in identifying their rings if they get stuck.

Writing Their Partner’s Name


This again is a super easy game to execute. The players of this game have to write down the name of their spouse on their hands. Whoever writes the name of their spouse a maximum number of times within a minute wins the game. You can increase the difficulty level of this game by asking the player to write down the names with mehendi, lipstick, or a paintbrush. The options are quite endless.

Decorating Thali

Thali decoration

For this game, you would need thali (of course) and a few materials for decoration. Whoever decorates the thali most creatively in the shortest time wins. You can make this game a bit nuanced by giving a theme to all those participating.

Doing Each Other’s Makeup

This we feel is the most entertaining game on the list. It is essentially a couples game where all the participating couples are blindfolded and given a bunch of makeup products. They are then asked to do each other’s makeup within a specific time limit. You will surely have moments of laughter and fun if you include this game in your Karwa Chauth Celebrations.

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Moving on to the second part of the blog, that is what to wear. As red is the reigning color of the evening, we suggest you wear an outfit in red. Here are some of the pretty options in red that you can consider for your Karwa Chauth look.

The Classic Red Sari

red sari

Go for a classic red sari (click on the image to shop) if you want to stick to the traditional red. Accessorize it with some Kundan jhumkis and a choker set, a red bindi on your forehead, red bangles on your wrist – and you are ready for the celebration. Trust us, this look is as simple as 1,2,3.

In A Mood to Deviate From Wearing Red?

kanjeevaram sari

If you want to deviate from red; but want to stick to the same color family consider wearing a Kanjeevaram saree in dark pink. Tie your hair neatly in a bun and adorn yourself in some lightweight temple jewelry to accentuate your look.

Add A Touch of Print to Red

red silk sari

Prints can elevate the charm of solid shades. For instance, this red art silk saree has a hand-made bandhani print and an impressive pallu. Pair it with a golden blouse to amp its beauty.

Not in A Mood to Wear A Saree?

red anarkali

It’s not a hard and fast rule that you have to wear a saree for Karwa Chauth. If you are someone who wants to stay away from wearing a saree; you can opt for an Anarkali palazzo set in solid red (click here to buy.) You can style it with a different colored dupatta should you want to alter the vibe of your look.

Little Somethings For Your Hands

Red Stone Kada

red bangle

Glass Red Bangles

Glass Bangle


Red Bizara Clutch

Red ClutchWith that our list comes to an end. We hope these tips and ideas helped you get ready for the Karwa Chauth celebrations than ever.

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