5 Makeup Looks Every Modern Bride Needs To Master

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A quick look at the hashtag #Bridalmakeup on Instagram will lead you to over 15 million posts by both brides and their makeup artists sharing that one perfect look every girl aims for. In the past, Indian brides were used to putting on extremely cakey foundation and excessive makeup that changed their natural features beyond recognition. But the modern-day bride is having none of that.

Deepika Padukone
Source: Deepika Padukone

Today, bridal makeup is less about looking like a totally different person and more about accentuating your beautiful features and letting your skin breathe and glow from within. But don’t mistake minimalism for laziness, because the millennial and Gen Z brides are well-known for their detailed makeup looks.

From glitter eyeshadow to achieving a perfectly dewy complexion; here are five makeup looks you must try for your upcoming wedding.

Smoky Eyes with Glossy Lips and Dewy Skin

When to wear it: Sangeet

Smoky Eyes
Source: Shradha Luthra

Mix equal parts jet black kohl eyeliner, grey eyeshadow and blend it out with a nude soft crease for an updated version of the otherwise edgy smoky eye. Ditch the heavy contour and go for a dewy glass skin look that you can achieve by mixing a little bit of highlighter in your foundation. A generous dab of lip gloss will take this look a step further.

A Hint of Coloured Eyeliner Paired with Peachy Matte Lips & Rosy Blush

When to wear it: Decadent fall-winter wedding

While we might be all about that natural glow right now, but heavy eye makeup works amazingly well for winter weddings as it complements the rich jewel tones usually associated with that season. Want a quick little tip?

Matte Lips
Source: Makeupsaga by Sarika

Match your eyeliner shade to the defining stones in your jewelry. Wearing emeralds? Go for a green eyeliner. Sapphires? Go blue, just like Princess Diana’s favorite.

Metallic Tones All Over

When to wear it: Daytime summer wedding

Metallic Makeup Look
Source: Contouredstudios

Who said you can’t wear metallics to a daytime wedding? When done with subdued shades, metallics add the right amount of sheen to your summer wedding look. Case in point: this bronze heavy look with matching lips and eyes. Don’t forget to add some white/silver eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop.

Glitter Eyeshadow, FTW (For The Win!)

When to wear it: Reception

Now let’s move into the maximalist territory, shall we? While you might not be strutting down the Met Gala red carpet, an experimental look like glittery eyeshadow can prove to be a sure-shot way of stealing all the attention. Pair it with deep red contoured lips for a dramatic effect.

Met Gala
Source: Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Don’t know how to contour your lips? Simply begin by outlining them with a darker shade and filling them with a lighter hue of the same colour. Now blend, blend, and blend!

Update Your Eyeliner with Fun Stick-ons ◊◊

When to wear it: Engagement

Remember when your extra cool elder sister used to stick jewel bindis all over her face in the early 2000s? Well, that look is back in style again, but in a more modern way. Thanks to the hit TV show Euphoria, everyone is experimenting with face decals and we’re here for it.

Sonam Kapoor
Source: Sonam Kapoor

Take a cue from Sonam Kapoor and use a pearly sticker to immediately update your simple winged eyeliner.

So which one of these makeup looks are you planning on trying? Whether you’re a minimalist or a believer in the philosophy of more is more, don’t forget to tag us in your bridal makeup photos on Instagram!





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