5 *Multi-functional Pieces You Should Have* in Your Wedding Wardrobe

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What is the first thing you do when attending a wedding? You got it! Getting ready of course! Getting ready is a ritual in itself that involves indulging in chats with your friends/cousins (to gather a consensus on what to wear, and most importantly what not to.) And if you think that the act of getting ready is a single step process, you are probably mistaken as the process (maybe the ritual is a better word, here) involves going through the wardrobe to shortlist the pieces followed by trying them on one by one to calling that fashion-forward or trusted friend/cousin to ask for their opinion (phew!) Sounds familiar right? That’s because we all have been there.


But does getting ready have to be this complicated or a long-drawn process? What if we tell you that we can fix the irritating bits of this process i.e. going through the wardrobe to shortlist the dress without taking out the fun element? Before you ask how; allow us to introduce you to ‘multi-functional pieces.’ For those who are probably hearing this term for the first time, a multi-functional piece is an investment piece you can wear for multiple occasions. It is that magical dress that solves the issues of ‘I have nothing to wear.’ Intrigued? Let us take you through five such pieces that are as multi-talented as you.

Teal Brocade Spaghetti Strap Blouse


This brocade spaghetti strap-style blouse can easily transition from OOTD to OOTN. The best part about it, in our opinion, is that it has celebrations written all over it. So why not welcome 2022 wearing this – be it a wedding or celebrations of other kinds.

Multi-Colored Brocade Lehenga

Brocade lehenga

What’s a wedding without dance? Don’t let your lehenga weigh you down when it comes to dancing your heart out. It’s almost 2022 and the last thing you need is to wear a lehenga that makes you feel as if someone has tied your feet in heavy chains. Take the comfy route with this brocade lehenga and show those dance moves you have been *secretly* practicing ( in your head or in real) all this while.

Black Georgette Lehenga

black lehenga

Need an outfit that doesn’t come between you and your love for food? Look no further! These easy-breezy lehenga sets are all you need to look chic and classy even when tackling a massive samosa.

Beaded Choker Set

choker set

We often talk about lightweight lehengas, but what about the jewelry? Keep your jewelry light-weight as well with this stunning jet black beaded handcrafted choker with a gold-threaded drawstring closure and matching earrings.

Classic White Strap Blouse

white blouse

There is a reason why white is considered to be a classic shade. For starters, have you ever seen white going out of style? This white blouse is the perfect outfit if you intend to take the color-blocking route. Plus, you can wear this on various occasions. Isn’t that a great thing?

So which of these multi-functional pieces are you investing in? Do let us know in the comments below.

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