5 Steps To Get *That* Effortless Bridal Glow Before Your Big Day!

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Tara SutariaContrary to popular belief, flawless skin is not simply a result of good genes—your everyday habits have a huge impact on the quality of your skin. And if you’ve just gotten engaged—there’s no better time to start taking your skincare routine seriously. We’re discussing your wedding skincare routine well in advance because most products take several weeks to work their way into your system. After all, there’s nothing like an overnight miracle.

real brideIf you want to look effortlessly beautiful on your wedding day without putting on layers of makeup, then you need to craft an effective skincare regimen that you can religiously follow. We’re talking about treating skin-related issues from within, rather than concealing them temporarily.

olayAnd when it comes to skincare brands, Olay is simply the best that’s out there. Taking forward their powerful heritage, they’ve come up with a new line of products (i.e. their collagen peptide 24 range) —and it’s all about highlighting the importance of self-care. Featuring Bollywood It-girl, Tara Sutaria, the new campaign encourages young women to seize the day and get that perfect glow with Olay by their side—be it on their wedding, or any other day. Let’s have a look at some simple steps you can follow to build a skincare routine well before your big day.

Cream Cleanser (For Both Day and Night)

This is the first step of any skincare routine and most of us are already doing this every day. The general rule of thumb here is that cleansing your face twice per day is ideal—once in the AM and once in the PM. You can combine this step with exfoliation to remove dead cells and deep cleanse your skin, which is why we recommend the Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Ageing Revitalizing Cream Cleanser.





Vitamin B-3 Serum (For Day)

After being obsessed with Vitamin C for a long time, skincare enthusiasts are now rallying around Vitamin-B3—also known as Niacinamide. And, for good reason as it helps reduce redness, treats hyperpigmentation, and also decreases acne. We recommend the Olay Luminous Serum: Tone Perfecting Hydrating Essence which contains both Vitamin-B3 and Glycerol for hydrated and glowing skin.

bridal skincare


Leveraging The Power of Collagen Peptide &Vitamin B3+ (For Day)

Now taking the goodness of collagen peptide and Vitamin B3+ further, Olay Regenerist Collagen peptide 24 moisturizer is a powerful and scent-free formula that gives your skin morning bounce throughout the day. Its collagen peptide hydrates the skin by working its magic on a deeper level, thus giving you skin that feels and looks bouncy all day long.


Peptide Serum (For Day / All Day)

Serums are lightweight and easy-to-apply elixirs that pack a mighty punch of ingredients meant to treat specific skin-related problems. And if you’re looking for smooth and tight skin, there’s nothing better than a peptide serum. Peptides increase collagen production, reduce bacterial acne, decrease fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture. We *highly* recommend the Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide 24 Serum for all that.

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Remember to cleanse your face once again before proceeding with your nighttime skincare routine

Retinol Cream (For Night)

The job of a good moisturizer is to effectively hydrate your skin without leaving an oily cast. But with a few additional ingredients, your moisturizer can prove to be even more powerful. Case in point: Retinol.

Retinol cream

This Vitamin-A derivative reduces common signs of aging like fine lines, excessively enlarged pores, textural irregularity, and mild pigmentation while simultaneously giving you a youthful glow. We recommend the Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Moisturiser for achieving your skincare goals.

Easy-peasy skincare right? So quickly get started and indulge in showing some TLC to your skin with these products.

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