7 Hottest Wedding Invite Fonts &Typefaces From the ‘First-Ever Edition of Font Fashion Week’

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A font fashion week – did we expect it coming? No. Did we foresee it? Not in our wildest dreams. But, here we are. The month of April 2022, saw the first-ever-fashion week dedicated to… well… fonts. Organized by I Love Typography, Font Fashion Week, in its inaugural edition was a five-day celebration of the latest trends in the international type design. Consisting of two tracks, namely, Font Runway and Fonts in Branding, the first edition of this one-of-a-kind event featured twelve new typeface releases by some of the established and reputed foundries from the world of typeface. Comprising an exciting line-up, and talks by the luminaries, the event was informative and entertaining in equal measures. As we know that choosing the right font for your wedding invitations can be tricky, we decided to attend the event, and compile a list of fonts that impressed us the most. (Related Reads: FDCI X LFW 22 Roundup: 30+ best looks in one place)

1 Yamamay Sans

Yamamay sans

A new font on the block, Yamamay Sans is the font for everybody. Built from the sans font, the font is more relaxed and humanist in approach. Notice how it marries geometric aspects of the typeface with humanist design intervention.

2 Geometric Sans

Geometric sans

Derived from the geometric figures, a geometric sans font is a perfect choice for all the millennial couples out there, as it looks contemporary and elegant in the same breath.

3 Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova

The beauty of Proxima Nova is that it pairs beautifully with several other fonts such as ITC Century, Georgia, Century Expanded, Century Schoolbook, and more. Like a must-have white dress in everyone’s closet, Proxima Nova can either be teamed with fonts bearing structural similarities or with a font that has a completely different vibe than it.

4 Barcelona


Inspired by the energy of Barcelona city, Barcelona is the font to consider if you intend to go for a wedding invite with a cosmopolitan vibe.

5 Pandera


Pandera from Lazy Dog foundry is a comforting font, in the words of Dr. Nadine Chahine, a prominent type designer. We couldn’t agree more.

6 Fello


A new geometric font, introduced for the first time, during the Font Fashion Week, Fello is a geometric sans with a humanist edge. Developed to support characters in any language, Fello is futuristic, experimental, and yet humanistic at the same time.

7 Aiglon


And, we saved the best for the last. Enchanting, dreamy, and almost fairy-tale like, Aigon as a wedding invite font, is perfect for those who believe in happy endings and Once upon a time. The font carries the charm of a European nation, blending different typographic tones from the region, to create a font family that is built on past. So which of these fonts did the like the most? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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