7 New (& Fairly New) Indie Ethnic Wear Brands You Should Know!

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With the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of fashion, numerous Indian designers are taking center stage in the local scene (while bigger names tackle the international stage) and going toe to toe with the Zaras and H&Ms of the world by putting out stunning ethnic pieces that are not only more sustainable in nature but also pander to the ethnic aesthetic that is irreplaceable from any Indian woman’s wardrobe.

Source: TORANI

While the sheer numbers of new boutiques and brands popping up with online and offline presences, it’s hard to keep track of the select few that promise to deliver time and time again. TWB’s rounding up our favorite Indie ethnic wear brands that have taken the scene by a storm and promise to deliver the most bang for your buck!

House of Torani

Sobhita Dhulipala
Source: TORANI

Kicking this list off with one of our absolute favorites in the space, the House of Torani is best described as quintessential regal nostalgia. Steeped in Hindu lore and mythology, Karan Torani has often described his time spent with his grandmother in northern India as the inspiration behind the brand, frequently sported by celebrities including Sobhita Dhulipala, Madhuri Dixit, and Shilpa Shetty, this young designer has already left an indelible mark on the face of ethnic indie fashion with his old-world sensibilities.

Kalakaari By Sagarika Singhvi



Red Dress


(Click on the image above to shop for this dress)

Kalakaari by Sagarika is a Jaipur-based brand founded by Sagarika Singhvi. It focuses on combining contemporary silhouettes with Indian traditional artisanal forms. The label primarily carries out pret and luxe pret with Indian culture’s touch shown through various types of printing and dyeing. All its products are handmade. Prints are their strong suit. The label uses diverse dyeing methods to create products that are affordable, stylish, fun, and modern.

The Ikat Story

Source: The Ikat Story

Now about a brand that celebrates one of India’s most beautiful handlooms, the humble ikat – The Ikat Story is a testament to its owners’ bohemian-chic aesthetic. Whether it’s the dresses, hoodies, or breath-taking jackets – the ikat print stands out as the star in every single piece crafted delicately – and complements the humid climes extremely well making it a comfortable choice.

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Short Kurta

Kyeth, launched in 2019 is a Kolkata-based label offering affordable ready-to-wear Indian wear apparel. They strive to offer the most exquisite and timeless pieces that are a blend of trend and tradition. The brand has always focused on creating unique silhouettes and flattering hand-embroidered details that celebrate the craftsmanship of the finest artisans of Kolkata. You can buy this dress by clicking the image above.


Red Lehenga

( Shop this lehenga choli set by clicking the image above)

Founded in 2017 by mother Yasmin and daughter Adeeba. Allahabad-based Glitter Choli is a homegrown, customizable clothing brand. Adeeba being a software developer was always moved by the beauty and glamour of the Indian textile Industry thus she started her journey to bring the best of South Asian fashion to every Indian’s doorstep.  Her biggest inspiration was her mother having more than 25 years of experience in sewing, making clothes for her and her friends. Soon she realized her mom’s skill was the perfect fit for Glittercholi. While Adeeba takes care of sourcing the fabrics, deciding on the final designs, and marketing, her mother looks into the execution and the stitching.


orange kurta

( click on the image above to shop for this stunning tangerine kurta)

Sustainability forms trueBrowns essence. trueBrowns crafts pure fabrics into timeless versatile pieces that can become the core of every wardrobe, aiming zero wastage in their production processes, fair wages, up-cycling fabrics, which they have diligently been following from the very beginning.

NorBlack NorWhite

NorBlack NorWhite
Source: NorBlack NorWhite

While NBNW’s aesthetic is quite unlike any other brand mentioned here, this label founded by Toronto- based Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar is a beautiful example of showcasing Indian craftsmanship on a global forum through the use of Indian textiles contorted into non-traditional silhouettes.

So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and explore these home-grown (ish) labels that support sustainable sourcing and ethical practices over large conglomerates to add a more personal and wholesome touch to your wardrobes. Let us know your favorite indie brands in the comments below!


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