7 Trending Eye Makeup Ideas For The 2022 Bride!

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  • The eye is the jewel of the body’’ – Henry David Thoreau

eye makeup

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day, but picking the right kind of makeup look can get unnerving. This holds true, especially in the case of eye makeup. Good eye makeup will not only elevate your look; it will make you look – and most importantly feel – fabulous and fierce. Here are some trending makeup ideas you can consider if you are planning to get married this year!

1 Go For Very Peri Inspired Eye Makeup

It seems like it was only yesterday when Pantone released their dual color of the year for 2021—a shade of bright yellow and dreary grey that both represented the ups and downs of last year. Now fast forward to 2022, and we have a brand new contender— Very Peri – a delicate shade of periwinkle that is somewhere between purple and blue.


Possessing the calming qualities of blue yet at the same time encompassing a regal violet undertone—Pantone’s Very Peri displays a sense of cheerfulness and positivity that encourages courage, creativity, and individual expression. According to the color philosophy, this hue also evokes everlasting love. We recommend you to go for a major eye-makeup moment by incorporating this shade in your wedding makeup.

2 Play With Pearls


Brides can incorporate tiny pearl stick-ons in their makeup around the eyes, around the edges of their hairline, or even as an outline of their eyebrows. It really depends on how you envision your look. (Related Reads: 10+ ways to include pearlcore trend in your wedding celebrations.)

3 Command Attention With Glitter


While you might not be strutting down the Met Gala red carpet, an experimental look like glittery eyeshadow can prove to be a sure-shot way of stealing all the attention. Pair it with a classic red lip for a sultry effect.

4 Send some ‘smoke signals’ of love along with your bae’s way

smokey eyes

Mix equal parts jet-black kohl eyeliner, grey eyeshadow and blend it out with a nude soft crease for an updated version of the otherwise edgy smoky eye. Ditch the heavy contour and go for a dewy glass skin look that you can achieve by mixing a little bit of highlighter in your foundation. A generous dab of lip gloss will take this look a step further.

5 Reverse eyes

reverse eye makeup

This eye look is perfect for a bride-to-be who likes to break a rule or two – or three. The gorgeous bronze eyeliner (easily available online) along with the smoked bottom lash, makes this look wholesome and glam. Try it for yourself to know why we are raving about this.

6 I see two

double eyeliner

This one is for the bad-ass brides who want to maintain their safe distance from too many colors. To achieve this, draw a black cat-eye first. Once done, double line it with a white or lime green eyeliner followed by another stroke on your eyelid – and you are ready to slay!

7 Smokey Eyes, but make it brown!

brown eyes

A glammed-up version of the classic smoky eye, this one is really easy to perfect. Start working with a brown-hued eyeshadow. Blend it out with a lighter shade. Now, add gold dust to your eyelids, bright eyeliner on your tear-line. Finish it off with a volumizing mascara – and you’re ready to look va-va voom. So, which of these eye makeup are you planning to get done? Let us know in the comments below.

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