8 Bridal Hair & Beauty Lessons You Can Take From Coachella 2022

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Coachella, the mega music festival of Hollywood, happened last month after a hiatus of two years, pulling in a huge cluster of celebs and music lovers. It definitely gave the music world a lot of news to catch up on, but along with that, the festival offered fashion and beauty buffs, a plethora of striking looks to gorge upon. If you ask us, the festival may have ended but the eclectic looks are here to stay, as we hope to see our bridechillas trying them out. Therefore, we dug out a few hair and make-up trends from the big-league event that our Indian brides can adapt to stand out. So, let’s get started!

1 Crystal Eye Make-Up

trending eye makeup

eye makeup

Some extra shine on a bride’s face ‘never did no harm.’ And what’s a better way to go about it than splendidly tinted gems? See how celebrities like Ginevra Mavilla and Rina Sawayama dazzled their look with just the right amount of tiny beads. Makes us amp up our eyes the same way for a cocktail or sangeet night.

2 Baby Braids

baby braids

A sight of Zoe Kravitz or Leonie Hanne would have made you feel like time has been turned back to the early 2000s. Yes, their baby braids were straight out of a retro album, looking simply chic with their minimal makeup. Now, how about a similar hairstyle for your breezy haldi or that pool party your bridesmaids have been planning? Not a bad idea, right?

3 Statement Headbands

Alanna Panday

Headbands have been used to accentuate a look forever, and have rarely failed to impress. Ask Alanna Panday, who was captured with an elaborate headpiece that went perfectly with her outfit. But are headbands meant to go only with western looks? We doubt it. Here’s one Indian bride Radhika Sangani, rocking a statement headband with her lehenga and looking like a princess while she is at it.

Indian wedding
Credits: Radhika Sangani

4 Reverse Eyeliner

Reverse eyeliner


Hailey Bieber and Camila Mendes were seen sporting the supremely stunning ‘reverse eyeliner’. Just add a bold stroke of color below the waterline and watch it shoot up your beauty quotient instantly. This arresting makeup look that screams ‘ahead of the trends’ can be tried out by brides in almost any kind of celebration. (Related Reads: 7 trending eye makeup ideas for the 2022 bride)

5  Hair Gems

Hair gems

A few popular personalities decided to make their hair look like a sky full of stars and you can do the same at your wedding events. Hair gems are a great way to highlight your hair and seemed to work really well for Janice Joostema and Racquel Natasha at Coachella. It’s time our brides-to-be give them some competition by acing the gems-in-the-hair look!

6 Brown Lip Shades

brown lipcolor


A classic brown lip shade has become almost like a make-up bag essential, not only for celebs but for all the make-up enthusiasts out there. Browns for the lip are an absolute delight and make the wearer look effortlessly confident. At the music festival, celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Sabrina Claudio, and Emma Chamberlain came out in choco lip colors, looking absolutely gorgeous. They will certainly inspire brides who wish to add a brown tinge to their lips on their D-day. (Related Reads: How to create Alia Bhatt’s Au Naturel bridal makeup look, as per a beauty expert.)

7 Auburn Hair

auburn hair


Tried out by many famous faces, auburn hair waves are a treat to the eyes. Kendall Jenner, Tinx, and Anitta carried the burnt orange hair shade like a pro at the mega event, inspiring us to try the same. If you think that your hair needs some spicing up before the wedding, then this hair color has to be on your list.

8 Play with Eyeshadows


eye shadow

A number of our favorite celebrities made heads turn with popping eyeshadows and the various ways they energized their eyes with these hues. Whether it was the neon pink explosion Lizzo went for or the zestful yellow spread around Kim Petras’ eyes – rich and unique eyeshadows were spotted all over the festival grounds. So, if you are one of those who like to experiment with looks, then you should definitely take some lessons from the grand Coachella event, and do let us know if you happen to try out any of the above-mentioned ones. Stay tuned for more beauty suggestions for brides!

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