8 *Romantic* Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

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wedding anniversary

While Covid-19 has started making a comeback in our lives with its Omicron variant, travel plans again seem to be going for a toss. Couples preparing for their anniversaries already seem to be distressed and are looking for ways to make the big day special, albeit with masks and social distancing! If you too are a couple confused about how to celebrate your first anniversary, here’s our list of the top 8 things to do while ensuring utmost safety for you and your partner.

Head for a weekend staycation

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Now is the perfect time to plan a vacation at a plush 5-star property and unwind with your partner. To avoid flouting covid-19 guidelines, we suggest you head to your nearest hotel and spend the day in the room, binge-watching your favorite shows, drinking wine, and enjoying some cozy time in the bathtub.

Pro tip – do mention the occasion to the hotel staff and you might simply get treated to an upgrade or a special treat on the house.

Plan a movie & spa date at home

movie date

If you are the kind of couple that loves staying in, why don’t you plan a relaxed day at home complete with a movie screening? You can also treat each other to romantic spa treatments by ordering some essential oils, candles, flowers, and wine. Watching your favorite rom-com while getting a relaxing massage – now wouldn’t that be a dream date?

How about a kitchen date?

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There are very few couples who love to cook together and if you are one of them, then you should definitely plan a kitchen date for yourselves. Head to your nearest Nature’s Basket store or just order in exotic goodies from Amazon and spend the day cooking and tasting delicacies that both of you love. After all, cooking is indeed the best therapy, isn’t it?

Sort through your wedding photos

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It’s been a year since you both tied the knot and we believe that you finally have the time to sit and sort through your wedding pictures, now! The first year after the wedding is often the busiest and couples barely get time on their hands to look back at their wedding day and relish all the pictures clicked. Your first wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion to perform this task and relive all the romantic moments from the most special day of your life.

Take a road trip

Road trip

Another perfect idea to celebrate your first wedding anniversary in the most romantic way is to plan a road trip to the outskirts of your city and spend the day camping. Makeshift tents are easily available online and there are plenty of DIY tutorials online for amateur campers. Trust us, the adventure lover in you will simply love the experience. Plus, you will make many pleasant memories of your special day!

Renew your wedding vows

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It’s been a year since you both have been living together now and there are a million things that you have learned about each other. Now is the perfect time to rewrite your wedding vows and use the special evening to exchange them. The private setting of the occasion will also help you take the liberty of getting a little quirky or naughty with them only to make the evening a lot more enjoyable and of course, romantic!

Get drunk on love

dinner date
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Because, wine not? Let the mixologist in you resurface as you and your partner blend for each other some lip-smacking cocktails and get high on love. You can even set ‘romance’ as the theme of the evening and make absolutely gorgeous pink or red cocktails using exotic fruits and flowers. Also, having a heady head sets the tone for a romantic night, doesn’t it?

Set up an indoor garden

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Treat the gardening enthusiast (Be a plant couple) in you to some lovely green time. How about spending the day indoors, redecorating your terrace or balcony? You can head to the nearby nursery (don’t forget to mask up!) and buy some lovely indoor plants for your home and have a romantic date setting up your home into your relaxing zone that you use daily to unwind and enjoy some romantic time together!

So give these ideas a try to make your wedding anniversary celebrations even more memorable.

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