8 ‘Vintage Beauty Trends’ To Try Before Your Wedding

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Vintage beauty

Old is gold. The phrase holds true for all things beauty too, as what goes around comes around. Classics are called so for a reason. Because they have withstood the test of time. Don’t trends come and go, but the classics are forever? Thanks to the rise in popularity of shows such as Netflix’s Bridgerton and Euphoria, vintage beauty looks, are huge right now – be it on runways or real life. Retro, today doesn’t mean outdated, it is in fact a mood board to experiment and add on to the ever-evolving language of beauty. The retro skin and hair care regimen have slowly started making their way into the wedding space as well – with dadi-nani maa ke nushke – being viewed with a renewed appreciation. Retro is no longer a preferred aesthetic among the old souls; it has successfully managed to bedazzle Gen Z and millennials equally. So why not add a dash of retro to your wedding grooming regimen with these eight beauty and hair trends from the past. (Related Reads: A handy guide to buying vintage pieces for your wedding.)

Wing it

Asha Parekh

Nearly all the heroines of the past – from Asha Parekh to Vyjayanthimala – were sporting winged eye liner in the films they were part of. A winged eyeliner when done right, adds a flirtatious look to the eyes. The wing liner, in the recent times, has been made popular by actresses such as Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, who have been constantly sporting this eyeliner style on the red carpets across the globe. In the bridal makeup, this eye liner style can be included with soft smoky eyes for a bewitching effect. (Related Reads: 7 trending eye makeup ideas for the 2022 bride)



We should credit our desi gal Priyanka Chopra for popularizing ubtans in the west. Ubtans (homemade exfoliating powders) is an ancient Indian skin care ritual that is applied to make the skin glow without using any harsh chemicals. These ‘wonder powders’ can be prepared using the ingredients available in every Indian kitchen. To make an ubtan for a radiant skin, add two tablespoons of turmeric, sandalwood powder and 2-3 tablespoons of sesame oil in a mixing bowl. Now mix the ingredients well till they form a thick paste. Apply it all over your body and leave it for good twenty minutes or till cracks start to appear. Now, wipe off the paste with water and pat yourself dry. Do this twice or thrice a week to get glowing results.

Homemade Kajal


Nothing beats the purity of kajal made at home, the age-old way. To make kajal at home, lit an earthen lamp filled with A2 grade ghee. Now keep an inverted plate on it for few minutes or till the plate gets black. Scrape off this black soot with the help of a spoon and store it in a clean container for further use. And just like that, your kajal is ready in a jiffy.

Sambrani Smoke


Did you know that ancient queens used sambrani smoke to perfume their hair? Known to induce a feeling a calmness,  the sambrani (benzoin) smoke can be used as a dry shampoo during the chilly weather. (Related Reads: Bride & Groom style ideas you can borrow from Indian royals)

A Classic Red Lip


The actresses of yesteryears were pro at rocking the red lip. A red lip is a fail-safe beauty hack you can use to add sizzle to your overall look for the wedding. You can use shades such as brick red, rouge Dior in 999 or Fire & Ice by Revlon to recreate the iconic red lips from an era gone by.

Bath Oils

bath oil

Our charismatic queens and kings used perfumed bath oils, post their bath, to make their skin soft and supple. The science of beauty dictates that oil when mixed with water, penetrates deeper into the skin, helping in an enhanced blood circulation to achieve that youthful glow. Besides this, soaking yourself in bath oils is a heavenly multi-sensorial experience, any bride or groom-to-be needs to experience to ward off those wedding planning and preparation stress.

Faux Moles
Kajal mole

A mole drawn taking the help of a kajal stick above / below the lower lip, can increase the sensual appeal of a would-be bride. Many actresses from the showbiz used this beauty trick in the past to make themselves more attractive, as it can immediately draw attention to the lips, making the color of your lipstick standout ultimately.

Lip Gloss

Madhuri Dixit

Always make it a point to floss your teeth and gloss your lips. Now lip gloss is another vintage beauty hack, we see a lot of brides incorporating in their wedding makeup. And why not as it not only maximizes the shine of the lips ( May your lips shine brighter than your engagement ring); but also keeps your lips hydrated and moisturized for long. So which of these vintage beauty trends are you planning to try on for wedding celebrations? Do let us know in the comments below.

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