8 Ways To Style Sehra For The Groom

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The Sehra or Safa is to an Indian groom what the veil is to a bride! An indispensable part of the groom’s lookbook, the Sehra plays a huge part in completing a groom’s wedding attire and can help make or break the look completely. Thanks to the plethora of beautiful, colorful cultures that our country boasts of, there are only more than myriad ways to tie the Sehra. Here are 8 of our favorite ones.

The Classic Maharaja


Inspired by the safas of Indian Maharajas especially from the western states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, the Classic Maharaja styled Sehra is the perfect way to look like a dapper king on your big day!

The Punjabi Munda


Taking inspiration from the quintessential Punjabi Pagg or turban, this style of tying the Sehra is a great way of nailing the traditional look for a north Indian wedding or a spiritual Anand Karaj.

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The Twisted Knot


A tried and tested way of tying the Sehra, the twisted Knot is a millennial favorite that has been dominating the Indian groom lookbook for quite some time now. An apt choice for boys who like playing safe.

The Minimal Head Wrap

simple sehera

Perfect for men who like it minimal, the head wrap is great to play its part in covering the head without looking over the top. Having made quite a few appearances in Sabyasachi’s groom wear collection, this style has slowly caught up with modern grooms who love experimenting with their looks.

The Embellished Sehra


Another interesting way of taking your Sehra to the next level is by embellishing it with some stunning, sparky elements! From peacock feathers to semi-precious stones, don’t shy away from incorporating all that you like in your wedding Sehra. It’s your day, after all!

The Arabian Knight

Arabian nights
Source: Needlehole

This royal way of tying the Sehra like an Arab prince is sure to help you make heads turn on your big day. Although not a style that can be rocked by all, if you consider yourself to be a confident fearless groom, do try flaunting this stellar style of tying your Sehra. Pro tip: Also try lining your eyes with some kohl to nail the look. You’ll only thank us later.

The Peshwa Style

ranveer singh

Although the go-to Sehra style for Maharashtrian grooms since times immemorial, the Peshwa headgear became a huge rage across the country after Ranvir Singh’s portrayal of Bajirao Peshwa. Not only does the headgear add an opulent, rich appeal to the groom’s look, it also is strikingly different from the regular safa that is generally worn by the entire baraat.

The Topi

Maharashtrian Groom

Source: Camlition Productions

The topi is yet another Maharashtrian groom’s headwear for boys who like to keep it simple. Made of rich satin fabric, the topi is often lined with stunning lace borders adding a sophisticated appeal to the groom’s wedding attire.

So, which one of these styles are you planning to rock at your wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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