7 Wedding Trends *That Should Be On Their Way Out* In 2022!

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Trends come and go every day. While some happen to resonate with the audience really well and stay for a long long time, some are really short-lived and happen to make an exit almost instantly. However, here are a few desi wedding trends that should have been shown the way out long back, but have stayed for a bit too long. Have a look.

wedding trends

Disguising dowry as gifts


We and everyone else have ranted enough on this so-called trend that should have ceased to exist, years back. It’s absolutely uncool to demand or give expensive gifts like houses, vehicles, or even electronics like refrigerators and ACs under the pretext of gifting. Please stop!

Overspending *only* to impress people

wedding venue

We have heard of people mortgaging their property, houses, and what not to have the wedding of their dreams. Your wedding is an auspicious start to your happiest times and it should definitely not commence with a truckload of debt only to impress people who won’t even matter much eventually.

Splurging on quantity over quality

designer clothes

We have seen brides investing in cheap dupes of designer collections and hoarding a lot of cheap imitation jewelry and outfits which usually don’t last over one or two uses. Always remember to invest in good quality products which might be less in quantity but, lasts long.

Going OTT with makeup


Seriously! The internet is flooded with pictures of brides who want to put every single available makeup product on their face in the most vibrant colors which only makes them look like a rainbow. Gone are the days of blingy highlighters, deep dark eyes paired with red lips. Modern brides are all about going sophisticatedly minimal and that is the route to follow.

Copying celebrity styles

deepika padukone

Yes, honey, we totally get how stunning Deepika looked on her reception in her Sabya saree with that chic hairdo but you know she’s got an expert stylist to put the look together for her, don’t you? Unless you too have an expert stylist who styles you according to your physique and features, we request you to not copy celebrities blindly. Instead, look comfortable in your own skin and focus on flaunting your own style.

Only having live food stations

food station

Live food stations often require people to stand in queues forever, with each guest requesting the chef to add different combinations of veggies and sauces for every person in their family. Either have some buffet options for guests who want to eat quickly, or have enough live stations – but as we know that gets expensive!

Fondant Cakes


Your confectioner would second this too – fondants are exceptionally gross and nobody likes to eat it with the cake. You will ultimately end up wasting all of it you spent so much money on. Instead, opt for whipped cream or buttercream frosting. Trust us, a good confectioner will be able to create equally great miracles with these as well!

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