9 Ways To Ring in ‘Gudi Padwa’ This Year!

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Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa, also known as Ugadi, in other parts of the country is one of the biggest festivals in Maharashtra. From putting torans and festoons on door fronts to erecting the regal gudi (a flag made of bamboo), Gudi Padwa is one of our favorite festivals that also gives us an opportunity to indulge in some traditional shrikhand-puri. If you are alien to the culture of the state it is celebrated in or are hunting for ideas to celebrate the festival, here are 9 fun ways to do so.

1 Go the traditional way


Gudi Padwa is a Maharashtrian new year festival that is celebrated with a lot of pomp across the state. This year, you can go the Maharashtrian way by wearing a vibrant nauvari saree paired with a traditional nath and chandrakor bindi. You can even decorate your doors, windows, and terrace with a gudi – a traditional home decoration piece made using gorgeous fabrics, a metal pot, and sugar batashas (round sugar thins).

2 Bring out those chiffons & cottons: Pink Ruffled Saree for INR 2799
Pink Ruffled Sari

If wearing the nauvari is a tough job for you, you can always opt for a sophisticated yet simple silk, chiffon or even cotton saree as your #OOTD.

3 Head out for a cultural show

cultural show

From theatrical dance shows to plays to larger-than-life movies such as Natarang, the Marathi entertainment industry has a lot of entertainment options to choose from. Select any of these options to have an entertainment-packed Gudi Padwa celebration.

4 Binge on traditional sweets

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From puranpolis to modaks to basundi and shrikhand-puri, the sky’s the limit when it comes to trying lip-smacking Maharashtrian sweets. This Gudi Padwa, do yourself a favor by saying goodbye to your restrictive diet plans. Instead indulge in some tasty Maharashtrian sweets that fill not just your tummy, but also your heart.

5 Go gold

gold jewelry

Gudi Padwa is considered to be one of the auspicious mahurats to make any big investments – right from gold to cars – and property. If you have been planning to buy anything big and special for quite some time, now is the time to loosen those purse strings.

6 Decorate your abode

decor tips

Gudi Padwa is the perfect excuse to clean up your house followed by decorating it beautifully. You can even buy beautiful traditional decor articles like diyas, brass lamps, and other metal artifacts to add character to your living space.

7 Draw colorful rangolis

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You can simply never go wrong with a vibrant rangoli. A glimpse of rangoli drawn at the entrance of the home, will not only make your day more festive; it will also make you take pride in your creativity.

8 Phone a friend


Gudi Padwa is a great time to catch up with old friends and family members to wish them a ‘happy new year.’ You can even plan and meet up with your cousins to reminisce about all your fun childhood memories and have a great time over the hot and cold combination of shrikhand-puri.

9 Watch (or participate in) a traditional procession

bike ride

Bike rally

Nargis Fakhri

If you are based out of Maharashtra then you simply can’t miss attending the boisterous Gudi Padwa processions. Comprised of dhol-tasha and women riding bullets, dressed in finery and safa over their heads (Related Reads: 8 ways to style sehra), a Gudi Padwa procession is an ideal time to dance on the streets with the other local folks of your city. So soak in some festive spirit and cut some slack by dancing those blues away. Trust us, you simply won’t regret it.

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