9 Wondrous Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Car

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Indian wedding traditions are filled with vivaciousness and splendor where everything from the invites to the mandap is designed with extravagance. When each corner of the wedding venue is decorated perfectly, why should the wedding car be left behind? One of the crucial rituals in any Indian marriage is the vidaai ceremony which is incomplete without exquisite wedding car decor. There are innumerous ways you can adorn the vehicle as there are no rules. You may dig into your own traditional history or incorporate ideas from different wedding cultures in countries around the world, to create tasteful wedding car decor.


When it comes to decoration ideas, there is no such thing as good or bad. Since every couple is different, you shouldn’t be shying away from being creative or expressing your taste through your wedding car. There are people who like to keep simple. Then there are those who prefer to make their cars standout by making them look extra dressy. Now, we understand many people like to rent a car for the vidaai ceremony, especially for destination weddings. In this case, your decor options become limited because you have to be cautious of not spoiling the vehicle. However, if you are using your or a family member’s car, the sky’s the limit in terms of what can be achieved. Keeping in mind, the diversity and difference in taste, we have compiled a list of 9 tips to help you style your wedding car.

1 Custom Window Stickers

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Stickers are a great way of styling your car without the extra fuss and volume that might slow down the driving. You can customize your stickers and stick them on the side or back window. Get your names and wedding date printed, or even the name of the café you first met in – the possibilities are endless. (TWB Tip: Don’t be afraid to go cheesy with the write-up)

2 Balloons

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Something about balloons brings out the inner child in us. You can use colorful balloons in different shapes and sizes for added vibrancy, or use volumes of white balloons to keep the baraat pristine and tastefully festive. (Related Reads: Actress Shama Sikander’s wedding was delightfully pristine)

3 Tulle

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Tulle is a great fabric as it doesn’t fray at the edges. This gives you the freedom of creating different designs and patterns on your wedding car without worrying about finesse. Take the car decor a notch higher by using a variety of fun colors or teaming up the tulle fabric with perky flower bouquets.

4 Just Married Signboard

Just Married
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If you are a minimalist who appreciates the power of simplicity, a “Just Married” signboard hung at the trunk of your car, framed against a backdrop of lush leaves, is just the thing that’ll sit well with you! It is a beautiful way of keeping things simple and to the point. Keep the rest of the decor simple and add cute bows around the rearview mirrors for a distinctive effect. (Related Reads: Cool ‘mini-mehendi’ designs for the minimal bride)

5 Flower Garlands

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A traditional way of styling your wedding car would be to cover it with flowers. But, a more tasteful approach calls for the clever placement of flower garlands on the vehicle. This ensures that the baraat looks festive and classy at the same time.

6 Custom Licence Plate

License plate
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When the baraat arrives with a custom license plate, it has a unique charm to it. These license plates can be preserved and cherished for many years to come, always reminding of the perfect day when you tied the knot. ( TWB Tip: Frame that custom license plate and hang it on the wall of your bedroom to relive those dreamy memories from your wedding day)

7 Bumper Hangings

bumper hangings
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Bumper hangings can have a great amount of character in them. They are like the statement piece to your wedding car decor. Cans tied with strings, colorful strips of ribbons and heart shaped balloons are some of the things you can tie to your car’s bumper to execute this gem of the car decor idea.

8 Steering Wheel

steering wheel
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Paying attention to the interior is just as important as decorating the exterior. It’s your wedding after all and although people will be looking at the vehicle from outside, you will be sitting in it! Therefore, it is important to add cohesive design elements on the inside. One of the best ways of doing it is putting flowers around the steering wheel. Just make sure there aren’t too many so as to not hinder the driving.

9 Stuffed Toys

stuffed toys
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Toys are often used in the art of storytelling, and that is just what you can do through your decor. Dress the teddy bears up in bride and groom outfits and use some tulle to finish off the rest of the car decor. The other way to go about it is by choosing your mutually favorite cartoon character toy or even Barbie dolls for that matter. So which one of these wedding car decor ideas do you prefer most? Do let us know in the comments below.

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