A Guide to Sustainable Wedding Gifting

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sustainable wedding gift

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be difficult, especially when you’re shopping for a couple that seems to have everything. While there are thousands of expensive items that can be bought, what makes a gift memorable is the thoughtfulness behind it. An eco-friendly present with a sustainable packaging not only makes for the perfect gift but also allows us to feel good about our purchase as they are consciously made to be kind to the planet.

Handmade jewelry
Credits: Pinterest

It can be a piece of jewelry handcrafted in a small village halfway across the world, or simply a pair of shoes made with recycled rubber. These sustainable products will often have a story behind them that makes them so special. Even if the soon-to-be newlyweds aren’t keen on sustainable living, giving an eco-friendly wedding gift can be a good way to introduce them to a zero-waste lifestyle which might change their perspective for good. As suggested by Climes ( an organization that helps one reduce their carbon footprint & live sustainably), we are here with a list of 10 sustainable ideas that will make for the perfect wedding present and are sure to bring out a smile on the newlyweds’ faces. (Related Reads: 9 ways to host a planet-friendly wedding)

1 Sustainable Hair Care

Credits: Sublime Life

This “Love Is In The Hair” Gift Box by Sublime Life consists of a hair cleanser, mask, conditioner, and a leave-in defrizzing balm. This is what a perfect hair care hamper looks like and it would make a good gift for any wedding. (Related Reads: Slow beauty, bio-glitter & 6 other sustainable but stylish beauty cues to bookmark)

2. Incense Sticks & Cones

Source: Phool. co

Indian households always have use for incense sticks and a fancy package like this will surely get the heart racing to open it. A hamper with a variety of these incense cones and sticks will be a clever and unique wedding gift; one that will definitely be used by the couple.

3. Recycled Shoes

recycled shoes
Source: Paaduks

You can never tell by looking at this stylish footwear that they were made out of recycled rubber. In an era of fast fashion, recycling is our only hope and a great step towards a better tomorrow. A gift like this would surely be very special. (Related Reads: 4 ways to make your bridal trousseau sustainable)

4. E- Scooter

Source: Bounce Infinity

Reducing our fossil fuel consumption is one of the first steps that need to be taken in order to practice a sustainable lifestyle. This eco-friendly scooter runs on a removable battery and comes with a portable charger – a gift that will be much appreciated by the newlyweds. (Related Reads: 10+ tips to make your wedding more sustainable)

5. Compost Bins

compost bins
Source: Daily Dump

Composters are a great way to utilize everyday kitchen waste. Gifting the newlyweds this set of compost bins will encourage them to take a conscious step towards a better and sustainable way of living.

6. Travel Backpacks

Source: Clan Earth

If the couple loves to travel, there is no better wedding gift than a sustainable backpack for him and her. It is the perfect companion for trips of all kinds.

7. Household Essentials

bamboo products
Source: Beco

As the newlyweds are about to start a new journey, it’s a good time to introduce them to an organic lifestyle. This combo from Beco contains everything from reusable kitchen towels to compostable garbage bags and even bamboo tissue rolls and napkins, basically everything they will need in the household. You can be assured that this won’t be one of those gifts that end up on a shelf somewhere.

Which of these eco-friendly gifting ideas did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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