A Handy Guide to Buying *Vintage Pieces* For Your Wedding

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It’s a universal fact that we Indians love to splurge on weddings. And even if there might be plenty of things that are way more expensive, the bride’s outfit still remains the number one priority. But with the pandemic making us more grounded, more and more brides have started to realize the importance of cutting back on the unnecessary and giving back to the environment.

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Now we’re not asking you to dash all your plans of buying the most beautiful wedding outfit ever—but perhaps try a different approach this time? Opting for vintage pieces is not only good for the environment, but it also adds a sense of style and character to your ensemble. From Princess Beatrice to Kareena Kapoor Khan—plenty of A-list brides have famously said no to purchasing brand new outfits for their big day.


But celebrities are not the only ones who are embracing this newfound sense of eco-friendliness, according to popular fashion search engine Lyst, searches for terms such as ‘vintage’, ‘secondhand’ or ‘pre-owned’ have gone up by 38 percent in the past year alone. Keep scrolling to find out how you can get your hands on the vintage wedding outfit of your dreams.

Know what you want


Maybe you have a fascination for all things 1990s or you want your wedding lehenga to be reminiscent of something your great grandmother would’ve worn—figuring out what exactly matches your style is the very first step along this journey. Prepare mood boards that fit your theme. Write everything down, and remember that research is key.

Find the right places to shop

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The best places to buy vintage bridal pieces are often hidden in the deep corners of heritage cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Kolkata—all you have to do is be prepared to extensively search for them. If you live in a smaller city, you can still find plenty of options in local stores. Ask, ask and ask contacts from your different networks to get some leads.

Have a trusted tailor on speed-dial

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This may very well be the most important step because let’s be honest, no one loves an ill-fitted Lehenga (or a sharara). Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be afraid to customize a vintage piece in order to turn it into the outfit of your dreams. This is exactly why a good tailor comes in handy. Even if you’ve bought a vintage saree, you’ll still need to get the blouse altered, or remade.

Keep an eye out for the details


Does this velvet feel smooth enough? Will this pearl embroidery stay intact? Is this silk even real? Questions like these are bound to pop up when you’re shopping for a vintage outfit, and we encourage you to ask even more of them. After all, this is your big day we’re talking about.


Don’t shy away from consulting an expert to determine the authenticity of a garment. Take plenty of pictures, feel everything and watch out for any deformities. If you’re buying online then ask if you can schedule a video call with the seller in order to have a closer look at the garment.

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