A Modern Twist On Nalangu- A Tamil Wedding Game Night

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Tamil weddings are usually a three-day affair, with the traditional marriage ceremony occurring on the second day. Once the main wedding ceremony is over, it is common to celebrate a nalangu or valeyadal. Occurring normally during the evenings, nalangu or valeyadal is essentially a traditional game night. At the start of the night, the games begin with the bride and groom sitting cross-legged from each other, and their respective families gathered behind them.

Let’s take a look at some of the games & ways to jazz them up

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Ring In The Water

A ring is usually placed into a wide-bodied, small-mouthed vase filled with a mixture of milk and water. Both the bride and groom must place their hands together into the vase as they attempt to grab the ring, but they must first work together to fit their hand into the pot.

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The first to grab the ring and escape the vase without the other’s help is classified as the winner. This game can be made more complicated by adding other ring-shaped obstacles in the water such as a hair tie, or toe ring, or hoop earrings. It’ll be up to whoever can find the correct item first, with the winner’s family being allowed to start singing. The songs sung by the families have generally evolved from the past and been passed down through generations.

Thengai Uruttal

The groom uses his dominant hand to hold down the nalangu thengai, which is a metal coconut usually filled with raw rice and dal. The bride uses both hands to try to pull the coconut free. Once the coconut is free, it is rolled back and forth. Once the coconut has been passed between the bride and groom several times, it is the bride’s turn to hold down the coconut with both hands, while the groom uses one hand to take the coconut.

Thengai Uruttal
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It is easy to expand this game to involve more members than the bride and groom, as the thengai can be rolled back and forth among various family members. It can also often lead to bursts of song and laughter when the coconut evades the bride and groom, who then have to work together to regain control of it.

Appalam Vedi

For this game, the bride goes first. She takes an appalam (papad) in her right hand and circles her hand thrice clockwise and anticlockwise around the groom’s face. She then claps her hands together, causing the appalam to shatter over the groom’s head. However, the groom must try to escape the falling crumbs.

Appalam Vedi
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If she fails on the first try, it is the groom’s turn to try. If she succeeds, she continues until the groom escapes. This game can easily be spiced up with various other crumbly foods, or even changing the game to see who can tag each other first while avoiding getting crumbs on themselves.

Doing Each Other’s Makeup

The bride and groom must dress each other up using a mixture of turmeric powder and sandalwood. This mixture is used primarily for the face, arms, and feet. After they have both applied it to each other, they spend time doing each other’s hair and it becomes a game to see who can make the other look funnier.

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It’s simple to include actual makeup in this game, as the bride and groom can experiment with more to help achieve their goal.

Arisi Paruppu

The groom takes hold of rice and the bride brings a handful of dal with her, as they approach each other properly for the first time during the evening. As they pour their grains over each other, the bride asks the groom to buy her rice for the rest of their lives, and the groom accepts the responsibility but says he will do so if they can cook and eat the rice together.

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In modern weddings, this ceremony can easily be replaced with the bride and groom exchanging vows. They can choose to personalize this ceremony by bringing gifts for the other and adding more of their daily life activities into their promises.

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