A Pre-Wedding Checklist: 10+ Planning Tips To Make Your Wedding More Sustainable

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Your wedding undoubtedly is the biggest and the most special day of your life. Executing a wedding often involves excessive resources, complex logistics, and what-nots. These elements expand the carbon footprint (the amount of carbon-di-oxide we release into the atmosphere) of any wedding, which in turn, create detrimental effects on the already overburdened environment. While we don’t expect you to let go of your celebrations altogether and have a super bland ceremony to ensure an eco-friendly wedding, you can always opt for little details that are nature-friendly alternatives to keep your wedding carbon footprint on track. The Wedding Brigade, in association with Climes, has put together a wedding checklist  of all the things you can do to make your wedding sustainable. Easy to follow, these eco-friendly pointers are a great way to keep your wedding green. After all, who wouldn’t want to invest in a cleaner environment for themselves and the generations to come. Have a look.

1 Try making your events greener

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Once your budget is in place, map your events. Try fusing functions. For instance, your mehendi and sangeet can go together. While your haldi can be a fun high-tea soiree than a regular full-fledged lunch party. Ascertain the sustainability and non-sustainability aspect of every function before planning one. Consult a green wedding planner, if you feel stuck at any point in the decision-making process. A brilliant way to add the touch of green to your wedding celebration is by adding leaves / green foliage – either in the decor plan or in the form of little elements throughout such as going for a varmala made of leaves.

2 Scout for eco-friendly venues

Devika Narain and Company
Source: Devika Narain and Company

Once you have finalized the guest list, the next step is to scout for an eco-friendly venue for your wedding celebrations. A venue plays a vital role in helping you reduce your carbon footprint. When you decide to tie the knot somewhere close to where you and your closest people are located, you end up saving a lot of fuel and other resources. One can also choose to get married in a naturally beautiful setting, to minimize the cost of decor.

3 Finalize the décor & food

Source: Devika Narain and Company

While picking the theme and decor alternatives for your functions, do remember to opt for the items that are sourced locally. From locally grown flowers and foliage to handmade artifacts crafted by local artisans around you, select stuff that requires minimum logistics to help you cut down your wedding carbon footprint massively. Your wedding menu, just like décor, should include ingredients that are sourced locally, say within 10 kilometers of a radius. For instance, if you are planning to tie the knot in Rajasthan, consider including food items like ker sangri and gatta curry instead of exotic foods such as guac and squids that require not just transportation, but also preservatory resources.

4 Plan Your Outfits


Opting for vintage pieces is not only good for the environment but also adds a sense of style and character to your ensemble. From Princess Beatrice to Kareena Kapoor Khan—plenty of A-list brides have famously worn heirloom pieces on their big day.

5 Work on your invitations


Your invitations are one of the most important elements of your wedding. However, technology has now enabled one to invite people to your big day in the most interesting ways. From animations to videos, digitally crafted e-invites are way cooler than traditional cards and boxes that only and only translate to massive wastage. Recycled paper and seed paper invites are also excellent wedding invite options if you don’t want to go paperless. (Related Reads: 7 hottest wedding invite fonts from the first-ever edition of Font Fashion Week)

6 Select mindful jewelry pieces


Have a necklace lying forgotten somewhere in the locker? Do you have some odd bits and ends of gold lying around? With any jewelry remodeling service, you can upcycle your old gold into a new piece of stylish and classic jewelry. You can also opt for lab-grown diamonds, an eco-friendly alternative to their mined counterparts.

7 Organize a daytime wedding

Daytime wedding

A daytime wedding will lower your electricity consumption considerably, thus, reducing your carbon footprint in the process. Preferring solar-powered lights over LEDs is another excellent way to make your wedding more sustainable.

8 Ferry around your guests in EVs (Electric Vehicles)


Electric Vehicles (EVs) emit fewer emissions than their traditional counterparts. They, in other words, cause less damage to the planet. Electric Vehicles can be included to ferry your guest around. Or how about bringing a barat riding an electric bike?

9 The gifting game

wedding gifts
Source: Binita Patel Photography

Creating a gifting registry for your guests is an efficient way to minimize wastage. Don’t feel shy about expressing your expectations from your friends and family for your big day, so that everyone is on the same page.

10 Tie-up with waste-management organizations

food wastage

Waste-management organizations are meant to collect (and redistribute) leftover food, dried flowers, and other recyclable stuff from your wedding. You can also get in touch with them to handle post-event waste, compost the organic waste, and more. Don’t forget to coordinate with your caterer, well in advance, to take make necessary adjustments to the menu, as per the guest confirmations. Start sending out e-vites to your guests during this timeframe, so that you have a rough estimation of the number of attendees at your fingertips.

11 Track your carbon footprint

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Irrespective of the diligence exercised, one is bound to leave some carbon footprint behind. But they can always make continual efforts to reduce it by tracking them on Climes. After all, less is more, isn’t it? Track your carbon footprint by clicking here! & Download this Climes x TWB Wedding Checklist From Here!

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