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Proposals can be as big or small but it’s the essence of it which counts. But if you’ve seen Sex and the City the movie, you’re definitely going to want one that’s Big. Excuse the rather lame pun, I’m referring to Carrie’s (the lead character) boyfriend, Big who eventually proposes to her in the walk-in closet of their home . But wait, it wasn’t a diamond ring, it was her GORGEOUS Manolo Blahnik heel.


(See from 2.30 onwards)

Maybe it’s a latent Cinderella fantasy that makes the shoe a befitting option for a proposal – you feel like it’s a moment from a fairytale that’s been ingrained in your mind.

For Indian couples it’s actually a great idea especially since the rings are often exchanged at a formal sagai / engagement. So many of us girls WANT a proposal but it just makes such little sense in the scheme of arranged marriages right?

Why am I talking about this?  Because in the due course of our collaboration with Christian Louboutin, the luxury shoe brand, I learnt that they offer something SERIOUSLY COOL at their Bridal Suite (at the Mumbai store.) Your boy CAN plan a surprise proposal there!

Christian Louboutin, with their signature red soles, easily find their way on every girl’s ultimate wishlist. So for boys trying to find a one-of-a-kind way to seal the deal with their soulmate, the red sole might be the way to go.



The Bridal Suite is located on the first floor of the uber plush store at Horniman Circle and gives off a vibe of sheer modern luxury. The space is unique – and I’m not loosely using that adjective, because it is exclusive to the store in India and does not exist in any other Christian Louboutin store.



The team can help you book the space for a special, private evening and when the moment comes, in true Prince Charming style, he can pop the question!!

(ps. it might be worth tagging your boy in this post if you’re looking to drop a hint!)

What do you think of the idea? If you’re looking to / know someone who is, feel free to contact us on The Wedding Brigade Concierge on +919820514854 or email me to help put it together. Alternatively, the fab team at the Christian Louboutin can help you directly too. You can read about the #TWBxChristianLouboutin Collaboration here and here.


Mucho love,

Devika xx


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