A Wedding Style Guide For The Grooms: Accessory Edition

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Hola Amigo! We see that you’re a bit clueless about accessorizing your wedding outfits. Well, take a deep breath and relax because you’ve landed on the ultimate style guide for grooms. So, let’s delve in and have a close look at some of the most accentuating accessories for grooms.

1 Saafa Chain

For a ravishing regal look, attach a chained brooch to your solid colored saafa. These hanging lines of pearls and beads will embellish your turban with just the right amount of glitz. Here are some uniquely woven saafa chains that you have to take note of.

Multi-layered Chain with Floral Motifs
Delicate Chain with Diamond-Defined Kalangi | Source: Ra Abta
Maximalist Kalagi Chain Made with Emeralds and Uncut Diamonds

2 Neckpieces

If you’re going for a sherwani for your big day, then one accessory that makes or breaks your look is the neckpiece. From the basic multi-layered pearl pieces to the flamboyant ones in gold and gems, there are a plethora of options to choose from today. Have a look and see what suits you best!

Classic Necklace Loaded with White Pearls
A Delectable Frenzy of Gold Chains Assembled with Polki Pieces
dapper groom
A Statement Polki Necklace with Differently-Shaped Diamonds | Source: The Cheesecake Project
Layers of Crimson Beads Adorned with Fine Florets

3 Pocket Squares

Making a pleasant pair with both blazers and sherwanis, pocket squares can be folded in myriad ways. Pick one of the following styles to go with your outfit and make those pockets pop as they should.

pocket square
The Wave Fold
pocket squares
The Puff Fold

4 Waist Belt

If you wish to take the royalness of your look up a notch, start looking for a waist belt. It might just be a broad strip of shimmery cloth, but it adds a suave to your sherwani. Here are a few patterns and designs that might help you.

waist belt
Gold and Copper Belt Lined with Gota Patti
indian groom
Self-Fabricated Belt with a Chic Front Cut
Ayushmann Khurrana
Tapered Tie-Up Belt for a Breezy Outfit

5 Customized Cufflinks

What could be better than adding a sweet personal touch to your wedding outfit? Customized cufflinks are a huge hit and will make your partner fall in love with you all over again. Confused about how to customize them? We have you covered.

Classy Cufflinks with Engraved Initials and/or Wedding Date
Tiny Messages and Quotes on Cufflinks

6 Stole/Shawl

One thing that Y2K Bollywood taught us about grooms is that they have to have a shimmery stole around their necks. Well, even if not for that reason, you have to admit that a stole or shawl is the perfect way to add some pizzazz to your wedding outfit. Let’s go through some smart ways to ace the accessory.

Elegant Silk Stole Etched with a Border Matching your Partner’s Outfit
Off-White Stole with Unique Ethnic Threadwork
Virat Kohli
Sheer Stole Casually Clutched Around the Arm

7 Time Piece

There’s barely any look that doesn’t get better with a classy watch. Whether you’re planning your accessories for the wedding day or the preceding events, you just can’t miss going over some exquisite timepieces.

time piece
Vintage Black Belt with a Gold-Defined Dial | Source: Zero Gravity Photography
Solid Designer Metal Watch

8 Footwear

Shoes Matter. And we cannot emphasize that enough. Here are a few appealing options for ethnic groom footwear. Have a glance and let us know what you like.

Cream Shoes Suffused with Floral Embroidery
leather shoes
Fine Leather Topped with Minimal Threadwork | Source: Dattu K

9 Sunglasses

If you plan to take your baraat while the sun is out, then throwing in your favorite sunglasses might create a dapper look. Let’s see which styles are ruling the trends.

Classic Aviator Sunglasses in Sleek Design | Source: Wedding Nama
Ranveer Singh
Round Full-Rim Sunglasses

So, go ahead and look your absolute best on your big day.

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