Affordable and Trendy DIY Decorations for your Pandemic Wedding Events

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Indian weddings are known to be extravagant affairs, but they tend to come at extravagant prices too. However, the unexpected benefit of pandemic weddings has been the creativity that has shone through in every intimate ceremony. Many have taken it upon themselves to show an aspect of their personality through their decorations with their DIY skills, and their efforts have paid off.

Here are some of our favourite DIY decorations to help keep your wedding affordable yet classy:

Serene Photobooths

Whether it’s combining a day curtain with some fairy lights or draping an old colorful cloth over a wooden frame, your wedding photobooth is a fun DIY project that you can put together using household materials.

Fairy Light Photo Booth
Source: Pinterest
Rustic Cloth and Flower Booth
Source: Pinterest

Colourful Chalkboard Signs

If you have good handwriting (or know anyone who does), this is a simple addition to your event space that adds life and brightness. Chalkboards are back in style, and with a stencil of a font or patterns, your sign will be trendy and affordable.

Mehndi Chalkboard Design
Source: Pinterest
Love Story Chalkboard Design
Source: Pinterest

Hypnotic Hanging Decorations

Your DIY hanging decorations are an easy way to get children involved in your wedding decor. It’s a simple craft project that can be replicated without much effort and is hard to mess up. You can create several variations by utilizing origami paper or entwining bangles together.

Origami Frame Hanging Decoration
Source: Pinterest
Colorful Bangle Hanging Decoration
Source: Pinterest

Stunning Saree Tablecloths

Tablecloths are an excellent way to reuse and recycle sarees – as we know that no one can stand throwing them away! Depending on the trim, you can also stitch placemats from the remaining fabric.

Purple Saree DIY Tablecloth
Source: Pinterest
Green Saree DIY Tablecloth
Source: Pinterest

Floating Flower Arrangements

A classic in most Indian households, there’s no reason these floating arrangements can’t be part of your wedding too. They can be easily filled with a variety of real and fake flowers, and it doesn’t hurt to scatter a few candles either. 

Fake Flower Floating DIY Decoration
Source: Pinterest
Flower and Candle Floating Decoration
Source: Pinterest

Trendy Terrarium Centerpieces

These terrarium centerpieces are both affordable and low effort. You can fill them with decorations from candles to flowers, but we highly recommend suc(cute)lents. 

Rustic Terrarium Centerpiece
Source: Pinterest
Simple Gold Terrarium Centerpiece
Source: Pinterest

Precious Polaroid Decorations

Memories are captured through photographs, and these polaroid decorations are the perfect way to preserve yours. They involve your guests taking photos of each other with a polaroid camera, and pinning their photos up on the strings – thus creating your decor as the event happens! These photographs can double as a guestbook, and your guests can personalize their photographs with little messages too!

Clip On Polaroid Decoration
Source: Pinterest
Flower and Polaroid DIY Decoration
Source: Pinterest

Crafty Crates and Florals

Everyone has crates at home, and now you may have a use for them. Decorated with flowers, they can be a rustic and classic addition to your wedding theme. If you’re planning on using them indoors, cooler colours will be a nice touch.

Crate and Flower DIY Decoration
Source: Pinterest
Crate Pot Flower Decoration
Source: Shreya Sridhar

We hope you have as much fun as we did planning these decorations, do tag us on Instagram @theweddingbrigade when you have created your decor – we would love to see how it turned out!

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