The Most Beautiful Anand Karaj Looks From the Internet!

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“Anand Karaj” is a term for a Sikh wedding that literally translates to “blissful union”. More often than not it happens in a gurdwara, and typically the bride and groom’s outfits are a lil bit different than what you would see during ceremonies of other religions. We browsed the internet for some of the most stunning Anand Karaj looks and here are some that really stood out. 

We absolutely love these pink lehenga cholis with a slightly longer choli to keep the outfit traditional and appropriate for a gurdwara. 

sikh wedding couple
Credit: Amrit Photography


pink lehenga bridal
Credit: Mehar Photography


sikh bridal lehenga
Credit: Cinewire Weddings

It can’t get more classic than the hue of love, red. The color features prominently in outfits worn by Sikh brides during their Anand Karaj.

red lehenga sikh bride
Credit: Amrit Photography


sikh bridal lehenga
Credit: Dory Photography


sikh gurdwara couple
Credit: Bangas Studios


Punjabi bridal outfit
Credit: Shades Photography India

More recently we have noticed brides wearing pastel shades for their Anand Karaj as well. Millennial pink, creamy mint and lighter shades of azure are trending this season, and for all the right reasons. 

sikh bridal fashion
Credit: Amrit Photography


sikh bridal lehenga online
Credit: Amrit Photography


Anand Karaj bridal look
Credit: DY Lan Fox


creamy mint lehenga
Credit: Sutej Pannu

So, which Anand Karaj look is your favourite? Comment down below! 

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