Why These 10 Types Of Shots Are A Must-Have In Your Bengali Wedding Album!

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Bengali weddings are fragrant with ululations and conch-shells, traditions and rituals. If you’re a Bengali bride or are getting married to one, here’s the simplest way to know how your wedding album can look like. There’s a lot that needs to be captured at a Bengali wedding. The bride, obviously, doing the poojas or being candidly herself. Then there are the vast plethora of rituals, each being distinctly fun for a reason. Here are 30 different ways to capture some major Bengali wedding moments. Ready?

  • Capturing the bride at her best!

Some candid, some posed, some happy, some pretty- all pictures of the bride must go straight to the wedding album. 

bengali bride

bengali bride photoshoot

bengali wedding

bengali bridal fashion

Kolkata wedding


  • Apologies, she’s her best when with the love of her life.


A bride’s glow is MAX when her groom is posing with her, in fun and for love. 

bengali wedding couple

cute bengali couple


  • Throw in some artsy ‘under-the-veil’ shots. 


‘Under-the-veil’ shots bring out the best of a bride’s face, adding that shadow of red, amidst the gleams and spots of light.

bengali bridal makeup

bengali candid photoshoot


  • The Queen of ‘Gaaye holud’.


‘Gaaye holud’ is simply the Haldi ceremony, but in Bengal, it’s rather done simply. The bride’s haldi comes from the groom’s house, along with the Tatva.

Bengali haldi ceremony

bengali haldi ceremony


  • Shubho Drishti or a Bengali bride blushing?


The bride and groom appear in front of each other. The bride removes the betel leaves she’s been carrying and the couple looks at each other. This is accompanied by friends hooting and elderly relatives blowing conch shells and ululations. This is known as Subho Drishti. The cheering often makes the bride blush, and that’s what makes the event worth capturing.

bengali bridal shots

bengali bridal photos


  • Mala-Bodol is all fun and games, no?


The exchange of garlands is called ‘Mala-Bodol’ in Bengali. But in a Bengali wedding, there’s a competitive element in this. The relatives of both the bride and the groom hoist them up to make it difficult to reach each other.

bridal varmala shots

bridal varmala shots

bridal varmala shots


  • ‘Hom’, Ululation and all the blessings!


Bengali weddings smell of the ‘hom’ fire as much as it’s resonant of the classic ‘ulludhwani’. The bride and the groom sit beside each other, in front of the sacred ‘hom’ fire while the priest chants Vedic mantras which they repeat after. All the while they have to periodically make offerings to the fire after the end of the verses. How can such scenes of light gleams and smoke be missed from your wedding album?

bengali wedding candid shots bengali wedding candid shots


  • Beautiful moments from Lajanjali or Kusumdinge.


The bride’s brother pours puffed rice into her hands. The groom joins her hands from behind, as a sign of togetherness, and they pour the offering in the fire. This is a beautiful process that definitely needs to be captured. 

indian wedding couple

indian wedding couple bengali

indian wedding couple

indian wedding couple


  • Sindur Daan- the holiest ritual.


The groom fills the bride’s parting with sindur and holds a potli of holy ashes, officially making her his. 

sindoor Daan ritual

sindoor Daan ritual

sindoor Daan ritual


  • Maa’s emotions, hello?!


Mothers are Godly blessings everywhere, and that’s a significant part of your wedding album. No doubt your mother or mother-in-law would demand some photos that make them reminiscent of their child’s big day. 

bengali wedding candid

bengali wedding candid

bengali wedding candid

Which look are you bookmarking as a Bengali bride-to-be? Share this blog with the wedding filmmakers that you’ve shortlisted to ensure that you have all these beautiful shots executed during your wedding, and framed well in your wedding album. Is there a better break to plan for your wedding, shundori? We guess not. Stay safe, safe home, stay happy.