Best of Black: A Guide to Rocking Black At Your Wedding Function

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Most people when asked what their favourite colour is, almost immediately refer to black. While this statement is not based on cold hard statistical data; it does hold remarkably true in the real world. What’s not to like when it comes to black?

Black Lehenga

It’s versatile, pairs well with any colour (including itself), completes any good wardrobe and, most of all considered a ‘slimming color’ (it really is though.) And, yet when it comes to desi weddings, we shy away from it. Given that black and white are typically considered inauspicious at Indian weddings (bright, cheerful tones are suggested instead), this one is for those die-hard black lovers who love repping black. No matter the occasion!

The Sangeet Wedding Guest

Black dress

Socially, it is way more acceptable to wear black at an event such as a sangeet or a cocktail party with no ritualistic connotations assigned to it. Many wedding guests grab this opportunity to pull out their favourite black outfits. In addition to being incredibly versatile, black can be worn year after year without getting boring, to say the least.

The Unconventional Bride

Designer black lehenga

One of the interesting trends emerging in the wedding industry has been the “rebellious” young millennials opting for black as the base colour palette for their bridal lehengas. Ditching tradition that equates black with ill omen/s and misery, more and more millennial brides are opting for black layered wedding attire offset with neutral colours such as golds, reds, and pinks.

Couple wearing black

Not only does this exude individuality and opulence, but it’s also hard to forget too!

The Grand Reception

Ruffled Black Gown

Largely deemed as the “western-attired” event of any wedding, receptions call for more formal wear. And, what’s a better colour for an evening gown than black? Black provides an excellent canvas for highlighting intricate detailings such as the bead and stonework on the Indo-western wears that are normally donned for such occasions.

Red Carpet

The color also provides a proper structure to an outfit that otherwise could have been skin-tight.

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While it is common to spot the wedding guests in black at a sangeet or a reception; the bridal party is often wary of opting for such colours. While we respect the tradition and the sentiments behind the aversion for this beautiful colour; we feel that this color should get its due soon. The brides can mainstream this color by ditching that overdone pastel lehenga and instead choose to shock and awe! Which of these black outfits did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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