9 Bridal Poses From Instagram To Bookmark This Wedding Season!

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Bridal shoots are increasingly popular these days and every bride dies to try out something new and traditional at the same time to make their wedding album memorable. Sometimes when the camera person cannot come up with poses to encapsulate the essence of the bride. For those moments, here are 9 tried and successful bridal poses that the bride could totally rock a photo shoot in!

1. Under-the-Ghunghat Manifestation

As excellent as this top-angle shot looks, there are multiple ways in which a bride can pull off an under-the-ghunghat pose for maximum bridal impact. Here are a few other profiles like front and side, to help you choose your pose!

2. Twirling Into Married Life

Twirling has been a very successful pose for brides, owing to the complete exposure of the outfit. There’s nothing holier than seeing a bride happy on the brightest day of her life, and her expression through the twirl needs to be captured perfectly!

3. The Bridal Silhouette

A much-desired pose for a bridal photo shoot happens to be the bridal silhouette. A bride just looks ravishing in her very silhouette, serving that legal piece of cake to her bridal album.

4. I’m Still Getting Ready, Camera!

An excellent candid shot idea is when you’re getting ready as a bride. Definitely make it a part of your wedding album.

5. The Mirror & The Bride

While a bride gets ready, she sees a new reflection of herself. She sees herself through her upcoming life. We believe that’s something beautiful and worth preserving.

6. All Eyes On The Bride!

A close-up shot focussing on the most innate expressions of the bride is a must-capture! If you let yourself loose during the shoot, you may get the best bridal expressions captured.

7. The One With The Kaleere!

‘Kaleere binn shaadi kaisi?’ is a popular thought amongst millennial brides and that asks for you posing with your kaleere in focus. Something like this, basically –

8. Regal Bridal Gleams

Experimenting with light gleams can result in beautiful images and one of them, definitely has to be suggested to the photographer by you. Look as regal as you can, and produce something like this-

9. No more SOLO!

By the end of your bridal photo shoot, you would realise that you’re no more solo, and would quickly want to grab your groom and get a shot taken with him. Never miss out on being yourself, and you’d be the happiest with him.

PS: All of the above images have been taken from Instagram.

Tell us which is a must in your wedding album! Also share your wedding photo shoot fail stories with us in the comments section & in case you need help with booking the best photographers in India contact The Wedding Brigade team!

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