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Planning a bridal shower is not an easy task and this responsibility is usually bestowed upon the maid of honour aka the bride’s closest confidant. So if this description fits your profile then you’re in for a treat! This is a party the bride will remember for the rest of her life so it’s your job to make it both unforgettable and extra special. Now you can choose any theme according to your liking but there are some party elements that stay the same. Luckily we’ve curated a list of our favourite accessories that will help you sail through the whole event effortlessly!


customised bridal mask

Let’s begin by putting these cute pink face masks on our list. They are made of soft cotton and come in a set of 5—perfect for you and the other bridesmaids! Get them just for INR 499/-

Décor Elements

decor balloon

Balloons are the easiest way to decorate and these fun ones are perfect for your bridal shower, get the entire pack just for INR 1399/-

The Bridal Diary

diary for brides
Click to buy for just INR 599/-


boss bride diary
Click to buy for just INR 599/-

While you can use the diary as a planner for the wedding, we have a better idea. Why not make the entire gang bury their deepest secrets in it?—kind of like a grown up and less mean version of the iconic “Burn Book”. Get the bride and all your friends to anonymously write one secret each and later read them all out. Fun right?

Let the Title Game Begin!

bride shower title sash
Click to buy set of 7 for INR 750/-

From the quirky troublemaker to the shy wallflower—bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes. Why not commemorate these defining qualities with a celebratory sash? The bride might be the prom queen tonight but everyone gets a title!


When we said Kinna-Sohna has all your bridal shower needs covered, we weren’t kidding! Here are some cute and surprisingly affordable pieces that you can use to make little gift packages for the entire girl gang! The best part? Give up the wrapping paper and hand them out in eco friendly totes that say “Bride’s Baes”

Bride’s Baes Tote Bag for INR 799/-

bridal tote bags


Dynamic Duo Kundan Ring for INR 835/-

kundan ring

Pink Bandhani Kolhapuri for INR 970/-

pink bridal kolhapuri

Pink Embroidered Dupatta with Zari Woven Border for INR 1150/-

zari dupatta

So now that you have all the party favours down pat, you can focus on the other areas of planning the event. All the best, have fun and don’t forget to check out The Wedding Brigade Shop if you need anything else! 

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