The Ultimate Sister Of The Bride Duty Checklist: 25 Duties During The Wedding Week!

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Your sister is someone you definitely want by your side as you plan to tie the knot and more so on the big day. But it’s not all about taking cute pictures and giggling and gossiping during the functions, the sister of the bride has A LOT of work to do!.

To carry it out hassle free, we made a list of all the significant and fun duty checklist every sister of the bride needs to do: in the days running up to the wedding, during the wedding celebrations and on the wedding day itself!:

The Sister Of The Bride Checklist!

1.KEEP THE BRIDE CALM – It is just so natural for the bride to get anxious during the wedding. Last minute alterations, trousseau packing, meeting all the guests with all that nervousness. So keep your beloved sis calm and composed by assuring her you are there to handle everything and just get her that damn mojito when she needs it most!

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2. PACKING CHORES – Help her in arranging her beautifully done trousseau to packing her honeymoon and overnight stay bags. You’ll have to help making lists and then making sure everything is labelled and in the right place.

3. SENDING WEDDING INVITES – From planning the guestlist, to arranging the card inserts and finally helping in the distribution and RSVP management, the sis of the bride is always involved!

4. CAPTURE EVERY MOMENT –  Since the photographer is not present all the time at home, make sure you capture each candid moment on your phone or camera. Your emotional dad, sobbing mommy, teasing relatives or your sister in complete bridezilla mode – these are precious moments and you’re in charge of capturing them!

5. PLAN THE DANCES! – Plan dance performances for her mehendi and sangeet function. From figuring out the music and playlists for functions at home or giving the DJ directions to even helping in managing dance practices, the sister of the bride has to make sure that the party just keeps going on!

6. PREPARE A SPEECH OR SKIT – You can touch the right chords with this! Surprise your sister with a lovey-dovey emotional speech or a skit showing her journey through out to tell her how important she is. It’ll be the perfect surprise for a pre-wedding dinner or an intimate mehendi

7. MAKE HER FEEL SPECIAL – She’s going to be emotional about leaving home and so are you. Help her transition through this time by doing little things that’ll make her feel special.  You could get her a nice hand made card with cute and fun messages written on it or make a collage with fun pictures or make a family video to let her know she will always be the apple of your eyes.


8. CO-ORDINATOR! You may have a wedding planner but the sister of the bride is the real coordinator for everything. Second dupatta has not come from the designer? Driver gone missing? Need more sweet boxes? Flower decor is not up to the point? Relatives need tea but can’t find your house staff. This list is endless but always remember the main things to help you power through: caffeine, a phone with enough battery and 3G and comfortable shoes.

9. FEEDER / PEEING ASSISTANT:  Your sister can’t eat or drink with that mehendi in her hands and is going to need help using the loo in that heavy lehenga on her sangeet. And she’s going to turn to one person, and one person only

10. DECORATE THAT MATKI – Along with gathbandhan and all you also need a matki for “pheras”. It’s fun to paint and decorate the matki at home for your sister’s wedding.

11. MANAGING THE GETTING READY PROCESS: Keep a track of time and make sure to reach on time with all the necessary essentials like extra pins, clips and makeup. Most importantly, make sure she and you are both well fed!

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12. KEEPING EVERYTHING SHE MAY NEED: Tissue – check. Extra safety pins – check. Spare earring back – check. Lipstick – check. A pep talk on demand – check!

13. DON’T OVER DO YOUR OWN LOOK! : You want to look the best of course but it’s your sister’s wedding so make sure you help in keeping the highlight on her. You should get ready in advance and help your sister in getting ready or giving instructions to the MUA.

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14. KEEP A MOBILE PHONE, A CHARGER AND A POWER BANK – For the endless calls you need to make to your parents, sister, vendors and the list is long and even Pandit Ji for that matter.

15. KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE GROOM’S SIDE – Do keep in touch with your sister’s in laws and relatives and always greet them with a smiling face 🙂

16. SAFELY KEEP YOUR SISTER’S PHONE – In all the chaos, she might just lose it. People will be trying to reach her – including her hubby to be. Be her official personal assistant during the functions!


18.  HELP HER WITH HER BRIDAL ENTRY– Be with her while shes doing the entry and help her navigate the nerves as well as that 20 kg lehenga!

19. DRIVE AROUND FOR LAST MINUTE ERRANDS – There could be a last minute crisis like  a piece of jewellery forgotten at home or even a cousin! Be prepared to help out!

20. IN THE MANDAP – Be present with the bride in the mandap to adjust her falling dupatta, to slightly glide away her maangtika so that the groom can easily put sindoor, to hold the Jaimalas and whatever be the need!

21.  JUTTA CHHUPAI CEREMONY – It’s the best part of the wedding for you we know, so don’t forget to hide the groom’s shoes and extort some serious cash. You know you deserve it!

22. FEED THE BRIDE AND THE GROOM WELL – Since the couple is exhausted and busy meeting guests, get them some food at intervals. Or even a shot if that’s what they need.

23BE A MEMORABLE HOST – Of course it’s not that you have to be with the bride only all the time. So be a great host, an energy inducer with your bubbly vibes and attend to everyone politely with a million dollar smile on your face. Your face may hurt but it’ll be worth it.

24TRANSPORT HER BAGS TO THE RIGHT PLACE – See to it that her overnight stay bag goes to the hotel and other stuff is at her in-laws house.

25. JUST BE THERE – Be your sister’s mental and emotional support and just be there for her all the time. Keep the moments lighter with your enthusiasm and make sure your sister doesn’t get stressed and enjoys every bit of her wedding!


Most importantly, make sure you’re there to ease all the tension, the nerves and spread the positivity in the family. It’s an emotional, and often stressful time for everyone so be there to make it easier, happier and more memorable.

Mucho love,

Devika xx

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