Cool Trend Alert: Repurposing Family Jewelry For Weddings!

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With the wedding season right around the corner, we’re sure you’re zeroing down on your outfits. Not all of us buy new outfits every time we attend a wedding. We all know the guilt that we feel when we see unused outfits lying around which cost a bomb! And that’s when we reuse and recycle. Way to go, ladies!


But what about the jewelry? Do you, like your clothes, also want to upgrade your jewelry collection for the upcoming wedding season without draining out all your savings? Don’t worry. Hop onto this new trend of repurposing and restyling old jewelry into a stunning piece of jewelry that you can wear more often. Want to know more about it? We’re here to do exactly that –  tell you more!

What is repurposing/recycling jewelry?

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Have a broken necklace, an earring whose pair has been lost, a bracelet which doesn’t fit anymore? Do you have some odd bits and ends of gold lying around? Can you use all of this and turn it into redesigned jewelry that you’ll really love? YES, and the concept which enables this is called jewelry repurposing, which sometimes is referred to as upcycled jewelry and recycled jewelry.

With any jewelry remodeling service, you can upcycle your old gold into a new piece of stylish and classic jewelry. Whether you have an old gold ring, pendant, pair of earrings, or even just a piece of gold, this can be altered, keeping your favorite aspects of the piece, or melted down and forged into a new piece.

Here’s an example of converting rings into a necklace


Repurposing is not restricted to gold alone. Even precious gems and diamonds can be upcycled. We believe that when a diamond enters your life, it should be forever. Many repurposed jewelry services let you turn old jewelry or loose diamonds into a new design. You can use old diamonds in a new ring, upgrade your engagement ring, redesign wedding rings, convert a ring to a necklace, a necklace into a ring, and more.

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What are the benefits of repurposed jewelry?

A Sustainable solution


Environmental responsibility is a topic of growing importance all over the world. The jewelry industry is of course one of the biggest offenders when it comes to environmental impact, yet the demand for high-quality gemstones and metals are just as high as ever. As a potentially sustainable solution, recycled gold jewelry that is created using materials that are already in circulation may be one way to potentially reduce the demand for these raw materials. While this is by no means an airtight solution, these ethical jewelry pieces are a clear step in the right direction.

Wedding in your family? Repurposed jewelry has to be your Plan-A


With gold prices skyrocketing, brides and their families are finding new ways to buy and make gold jewelry – opting to turn to their existing collection for new inspiration. High gold prices mean that melting old jewelry into jewelry can save you a lot of money. Jewelers typically have a high mark-up for materials, but when using your own precious metal and gems you’ll pay only for labor. So give repurposing a thought!

Never lose the personal touch


The best part about repurposed jewelry is that there is, in every case, some sentiment attached to it. It could be a piece of jewelry inherited from a loved one or a gift that makes it so special. Repurposing it to fulfill the new needs makes it more wearable while retaining the value of legacy.


Interesting, isn’t it? Hope this provides food for your thoughts, makes you environmentally responsible, economically wise, and pushes you towards repurposing your old jewelry into something you’ll love wearing.

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