6 Dainty Payal Designs We Absolutely Heart!

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One of several symbols of matrimony in India, a payal holds a special place in the Indian woman’s heart and psyche. It’s not often we speak about this piece of intricate jewelry, which is carefully selected and regularly worn, not for the way it looks but for the way it sounds. The sound of a payal signifies auspicious feminine energy and holds great religious significance for many. Also, they look great too!

Payal Designs

Here are TWB’s top payal picks from wedding extravagance to everyday wear!

Ivory Kundan Anklets 


To kick things off, we have the classic but eye-catching foolproof ivory Kundan anklets which are perfect for bridal wear. Since Kundan jewelry is all the rage these days, they’re bound to complement any set you pick along with the rest of your ensemble.

Gold Glass Tube Anklet 

Payal Design

This dainty gold glass tube anklet is simple and demure and perfect for everyday minimalistic wear. One of the most appealing aspects of this anklet is it has ghungroos attached which are bound to playfully tinkle every time you move.

Green Beaded Anklet 


This green beaded anklet is the picture of sophistication. The beautiful emerald colour and the zig-zag design are not only extremely versatile but also subdued at the same time – letting the rest of your ensemble shine!

Gold Zig Zag Anklet

Payal Designs

Another iteration of the beautiful zig-zag pattern we’re obsessed with – this golden zigzag anklet is far more simplistic and traditional as the design only encompasses the front of the anklet. The gold on gold is a safe but comfortable choice as anklets go.

Pink Enamel Anklet 

Quirky Payals

Venturing into the realm of quirky anklets, this pink enamel chain anklet is a fun choice to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Best – paired with a casual Kurti or even a plain old suit to add a splash of personality!

Kundan Studded Anklets 

Kundan Payal

Closing it out with one of the most elegant pieces in our repertoire, this studded Kundan anklet is as extra as anklets can get without being ostentatiously broad. Sure to add a touch of extravagance to any bridal ensemble these anklets are as striking as they are bold.

With plenty of options out there, it can be overwhelming to pick the right pair (or piece) to adorn your feet. Whether it’s traditional bridal wear or just a regular outfit in need of a touch of whimsy, TWB has just the payal for you, all you have to do is get shopping!

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