How do you make your wedding unique yet eco-friendly ? Learn from the Green Invites from the Green Couple!

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Being ‘Eco-friendly’ is one trend we’re really fond of and why not!

Weddings are extravagant. Nobody can deny it. People tend to invest oodles of money and rightfully so, it’s the happiest day of their lives and nothing should fall short but what this results in is a lot of wastage, be it in food, paper.etc. Some organizations help you take care of this issue but after the stress of pulling off events one after another after what feels like a myriad of emotions, the idea of having to commit to another promise feels like a task. So if you’re an environmentally conscious couple who is fixated on having a lowkey green wedding just like Prashu and Sumi. This is what you could do!

Bhopal Couple Green Invite
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Pranshu and Sumi’s wedding invite or ‘G Invite’ garnered quite the attention on social media. This was mostly because of the intent behind it. The groom Pranshu Kankane and his brother Prateek were keen on a green wedding and hence decided to opt for eco-friendly alternatives. Since digital invites were not the groom’s mother’s preference, the brothers decided to print their invite message on the potted plants. The potted plants were indoor plants with a life span of eight to ten months and the guests had the option of choosing what they wanted to pick! How cool is that!

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How would you customize your wedding to make it environment friendly? Tell us in the comment section below!

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