Influencer Sonam Babani’s Surprise Proposal In The Maldives Goes Viral! What Next?

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One of the most out-of-the-box and trending wedding hashtags this year has to be this! Social media influencer Sonam Babani got proposed in the Maldives last week by her long-term boyfriend Neil Sanghvi and it went viral. Well, there’s a reason, of course! The private pool at the resort that they were vacationing at was decorated with rose petals and the message ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ Neil went down on one knee and proposed to Sonam with a big bright diamond, and just as she said yes, their families surprised them at the location. Sounds like a fairytale, right? Indeed! Well, we were lucky enough to get her in for an exclusive interview where we asked some very interesting questions about the couple and their plans for the wedding that we can’t wait to share!

1. First of all, Congratulations, Sonam! Even though your proposal and love story is all over social media, I’d love for you to be the voice of your story…

So basically we grew up parallelly in the same environment, we had the same friends’ group. Although growing up, nothing happened, we were just friends then, but eventually, there was a little spark. And…still nothing happened but in the last three years, there was a major emotional connect, and we knew that was it! I mean, where Neil had touched my heart, that feeling was irreplaceable!

Sonam Babani in Maldives - the wedding brigade

2. What is it with Neil that made you rule out everyone else?

You know whenever we were out, we would not hang out with anyone else other than one another. There was a very strong sense of magnetism between the two of us that I don’t think I’ve ever had with anyone else. Neil always kept giving me hints but there was something inexplicable that ruled out everyone else, and I was fixated on Neil. I’ve never felt that kind of magnetism to want someone so much ever before! You know I guess when someone touches your life, they touch it and you’re just stuck. He was just stuck in my heart and I was just stuck in his! And the thing is, I’ve always been scared of marriage, but with Neil, it just feels really easy. We always laugh over things, you know, we’re easy-going!

3. That’s surreal. So you know how every couple has that one spot on the whole wide world that they have a special attachment to? What’s that place like for the two of you?

Santorini. Definitely. We went for a vacation in July, and it’s such a beautiful place, it’s like a really small town, you walk out of your hotel and there’s this scenic view of Caldera, which is basically a volcano, and then there’s this beautiful lake. I mean, there’s so much love in that small town. Even though we partied really hard in Mykonos, when we went to Santorini, we were just blown out of our minds! I’d say every couple should at least go once to Santorini.

Sonam Babani in Santorini - the wedding brigade

4. So, since you’ve become one of the most inspirational Instagram couples in the last few days, who is your favorite Instagram couple?

Umm, I think that’ll be Shae Marie and her boyfriend. I think their content is really candid and funny, and I can totally relate to them!

5. Since you’re an influencer yourself, do you want to take out more couply content?

See, I do plan my professional content, but when it comes down to my private life, everything I post is organic. I mean, I have so much of him that I want to put out there. Also, I’m gonna keep it very organic, see, honestly, I’m just gonna post and do as I feel, there’s no real plan. It’s like if Neil and I are on a holiday, and I click a picture and I post. I don’t want to make the couple-friendly content inorganic or like a strategy, you know. It’ll be very natural content.

6. Fair enough! So, when is the big day? year, I think mid-year, 2020.

7. Oh, that’s fast approaching. How is your wedding planning going?

It’s just about begun, we don’t really have much time, so it’s going to be a little hectic right now. So, I will have to delve into this completely very soon. It’s good that go-to places like The Wedding Brigade is always there to help out!

8. How do you picture your married life to be like?

Our friends always say we’re like the male and female versions of each other. I’m getting married to someone I’ve known all my life, and I’m incredibly in love, so it’s gonna be a fun ride for me.

Sonam Babani in Maldives - the wedding brigade

We send immensely strong love for the couple and hope that they have an exciting wedding and a wonderfully happy married life ahead. #NeilDownForSonam guys!

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